On CHRIST, the solid rock, I stand.

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About Heir Force Inc.

Heir Force Ministries

* About Heir Force Inc.

Heir Force University Online is a media ministry of Heir Force Inc. It serves the world community as an resource for Christian thought providing educational products, programs, and services for students at every learning level…

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* Our Foundation

The “Heir Force” is the united community of joint-heirs with Christ (Romans 8:1-17). Our additional foundation scriptures are Ephesians 6 (Put on the full armor of God) and Matthew 28 (GO, and Teach all nations)…

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Thank You For Your Support!

* Give

100% of your financial donations and in-kind gifts are exclusively used to fund goods and services provided in the community. Our store sales and event sales offset all administrative costs.

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Heir Force Brands: May The Heir Force Be With You

* Our Brands

From our name to our daily walk, the Heir Force Brand is a power-packed example of how our faith is woven into everything we do. Heir Force University Online is one of over fifty (50) ministries based on our brand.

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Featured Ministries

Fast Forward

This journal includes 31 days of breakthrough devotions, life lessons, and more to support your purposeful consecration and minister revival to your soul. So go ahead, give God praise for what He has already done, what He is working on right now, and for what He is going to do as you fast forward. « start reading

TENTH – Day 3

Today we will learn how to wait with purpose. We will not let precious time waste away, although we are standing still in the faith. Let’s learn how to keep faith when God says, “Wait.”

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365 Preface

The Seeds of Promise trademark is a Bible-based resource dealing with specific topics of interest to the body of believers. It tackles the tough questions sometimes glossed over in other…

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TENTH – Day 2

Now that you are available to spend some time with God every day, today we will discover the Biblical watchman and what is required to achieve more than nothing. Why would we look at a zero…

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Welcome to Day 1 of this 31-day affirmations journal. It is called more rightly a journal than a book because you will write your own version, day-by-day. Hence, the table of contents is…

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