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365 Devotionals: Songs of Praise

But be ye doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving your own selves. James 1:22 AMP

The Seeds of Promise Devotional Series

Prayer Songs

“I will give thanks to the Lord according to His righteousness and justice, And I will sing praise to the name of the Lord Most High.” Psalm 7:17 AMP


Song of The Day

Watch and Listen to Tamela Mann, The Lord’s Prayer.


Learning Video of The Day

Watch “Overview: Psalms” by The Bible Project.

Bible Basis

June Book Read From Read To Devotional
26th Psalm Chapter 1 Chapter 9 Prayer Songs

Memory Verses

For the Lord knows and fully approves the way of the righteous,0.
But the way of the wicked shall perish. Psalm 1:6 AMP

“I will declare the decree of the Lord: He said to Me, ‘You are My Son; This day [I proclaim] I have begotten You. Psalm 2:7 AMP

But know that the Lord has set apart for Himself [and dealt wonderfully with] the godly man [the one of honorable character and moral courage—the one who does right]. The Lord hears and responds when I call to Him. Psalm 4:3 AMP

I will give thanks to the Lord according to His righteousness and justice,
And I will sing praise to the name of the Lord Most High. Psalm 7:17 AMP

Lord, our Lord, How majestic and glorious and excellent is Your name in all the earth! You have displayed Your splendor above the heavens. Psalm 8:1 AMP

Lord, our Lord, How majestic and glorious and excellent is Your name in all the earth! Psalm 8:9 AMP 

Key people

Here is a list of key people found in today’s reading (in order of appearance) with bios from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

God. The Creator of all mankind. David sings songs to God.
David. In the Books of Samuel, David is a young shepherd who gains fame first as a musician and later by killing the enemy champion Goliath.

Today’s Devotional Reading:  Psalm 1 – 9

Psalm 1 Amplified Version (AMP)
Psalm 2 Amplified Version (AMP)
Psalm 3 Amplified Version (AMP)
Psalm 4 Amplified Version (AMP)
Psalm 5 Amplified Version (AMP)
Psalm 6 Amplified Version (AMP)
Psalm 7 Amplified Version (AMP)
Psalm 8 Amplified Version (AMP)
Psalm 9 Amplified Version (AMP)

From Matthew Henry’s Commentary on Psalms

This is a psalm of instruction concerning good and evil, setting before us life and death, the blessing and the curse, that we may take the right way which leads to happiness and avoid that which will certainly end in our misery and ruin. (Chapter 1, Verses 1 – 3). David was a royal preacher, as well as Solomon. Many of his psalms are doctrinal and practical as well as devotional (Chapter 4). David was a type of Christ, suffering continually at the hands of his enemies; and making powerful and prevalent appeals to God. (Chapter 5). David was a weeping prophet as well as Jeremiah, and [Chapter 6] is one of his lamentations: either it was penned in a time, or at least calculated for a time, of great trouble, both outward and inward.

It appears by the title that this psalm was penned with a particular reference to the malicious imputations that David was unjustly laid under by some of his enemies. Being thus wronged, I. He applies to God for favour, Ps. 7:1, 2. II. He appeals to God concerning his innocency as to those things whereof he was accused, Ps. 7:3-5. III. He prays to God to plead his cause and judge for him against his persecutors, Ps. 7:6-9. IV. He expresses his confidence in God that he would do so, and would return the mischief upon the head of those that designed it against him, Ps. 7:10-16. V. He promises to give God the glory of his deliverance, Ps. 7:17. In this David was a type of Christ, who was himself, and still is in his members, thus injured, but will certainly be righted at last (Chapter 7).

This psalm is a solemn meditation on, and admiration of, the glory and greatness of God, of which we are all concerned to think highly and honourably. It begins and ends with the same acknowledgment of the transcendent excellency of God’s name (Chapter 8).

David praises God for pleading his cause, and giving him victory over his enemies and the enemies of his country (Ps. 9:1-6), and calls upon others to join with him in his songs of praise, Ps. 9:11, 12. II. He prays to God that he might have still further occasion to praise him, for his own deliverances and the confusion of his enemies, Ps. 9:13, 14, 19, 20. III. He triumphs in the assurance he had of God’s judging the world (Ps. 9:7, 8), protecting his oppressed people (Ps. 9:9, 10, 18), and bringing his and their implacable enemies to ruin, Ps. 9:15-17. This is very applicable to the kingdom of the Messiah, the enemies of which have been in part destroyed already, and shall be yet more and more till they all be made his footstool, which we are to assure ourselves of, that God may have the glory and we may take the comfort (Chapter 9).


Prayer song are what we now call “Praise and Worship.” In history, singing and prayer were not mutually exclusive. Today, the praise and worship industry is worth billions. David was not thinking about his music career when he created a song catalog 150 titles strong. He was praying in song.
David skillfully played several different types of instruments, so accompaniment was not a problem. I am aspiring singer / songwriter. However, I do not play an instrument other than my voice. I write songs from scripture references and by divine inspiration. I am currently working on a single for release this Christmas holiday season.
I reached out to a friend on Facebook who referred me to a producer from Atlanta by way of South Carolina. I now have access to music for my lyrics. God is good! It only took one contact to secure some great music. I will post a sample of my song here for you my faithful readers. Thanks for listening to my prayer songs; and thanks for reading Seeds of Promise.


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