Now Watching: Faith Like A Farmer

Now Watching: Faith Like A Farmer

Today, I watched, “Faith Like A Farmer” from the Holy Spirit through the messenger of Pastor Michael Todd of Transformation Church. Notes from this video:

    • A week ago, the Holy Spirit spoke to me about the sad fact that many people are believing for a harvest that is on hold because they have not sown seed. Also, they sometimes forget to WORK the ground.
  • I am a serial sower.
  • I can sow many different types of seed including: time, talent, influence, money, information, ideas, platform, plug, connections, contacts…
  • The only purpose of a seed is to sow it so it can produce after its own kind.
  • Wherever you are experiencing a plateau, sow seed to overcome it.
  • You can break a poverty principality by sowing your way out.
  • Everyone rejoices over the harvest, but not everyone knows the seed.
  • I have the faith to sow what’s in my hand.
  • What’s in my hand? What gifts and talents are in my hand?
  • The ideas are the seeds, not the harvest. Sow the seeds.
  • AMEN!


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