Morning Call to Worship – Day 13

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Morning Call to Worship – Day 13

Call to Worship – 1 Hour Playlist

  1. #calltoworship I Will Run (Live) // Tasha Cobbs Leonard –
  2. #calltoworship For Your Glory (1 Mic 1 Take) // Tasha Cobbs Leonard –
  3. #calltoworship Intercession (Live In Nashville, TN/2020) // Tasha Cobbs Leonard –
  4. #calltoworship You Know My Name (Live) // Tasha Cobbs Leonard –
  5. #calltoworship Gracefully Broken // Tasha Cobbs Leonard – Gracefully Broken –
  6. #calltoworship No Longer Slaves (Live At Passion City Church) // Tasha Cobbs Leonard –
  7. #calltoworship You Still Love Me (Official Live) // Tasha Cobbs Leonard –
  8. #calltoworship You Still Love Me (Official Live) // Tasha Cobbs Leonard –
  9. For God Is With Us (Official Music Video) // for KING & COUNTRY –
  10. #calltoworship  Goodness of God (Live) // CeCe Winans –

Glory to God Almighty!

365 Seeds of Promise Ad

The Seeds of Promise Devotional Series is inspired by the reality of a living seed, from which a child grows in the mother’s womb. It is a seed of promise, a possibility as the song says, “a great big bundle of potentiality.” The Seeds of Promise Devotional Series is a collection of tools designed to empower Christian living and help you cultivate present power for your gift of purpose.

#calltoworship – Good Morning ABBA! Good Morning JESUS! Good Morning HOLY SPIRIT! Good Morning Heir Force! Good Morning 31 Women and 4th Watch! Good morning guests and friends! This is your Call To Worship!

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Hour of Power – 1 Hour of Prayer

Write down the referenced scriptures for reading throughout the day // 1 Hour of Powerful Blessed Prayers | Joy Comes In The Morning –

Today’s Bible Insight: What Is Purpose?


The following is an excerpt from the book, Shine: A Woman of Purpose (in progress at

Shine: A Woman of Purpose

Chapter 1.1 – What Is Purpose?

Though every person is born for a purpose, identifying that purpose can (but does not have to) be a challenge. And while God expects good behavior, your purpose is not simply to be a good person (though that is a good starting place). Your purpose is defined as the reason for which something is done or created, or for which something exists. It is the guiding principle; the ruling order; the reason to which you default when there is a question of why? Why do you put up with something? Why do you do a certain thing a certain way? and Why do you choose to do or not do this or that?

Your experiences are either preparing you for purpose or making ready the purpose for you. Anything built to buffet you is helping to refine you. And if you falter and are chastised, it is because you are loved by God. He corrects those He loves because He wants you to do well. You may have heard the words, purpose, and destiny used interchangeably. Your purpose is a “reason” that trumps other considerations when and if a conflict arises. Your destiny is defined as the “events” that will necessarily happen to you in the future. From this vantage, you may see that your purpose or reason for every action you make or abstain from making, is a tool to manifest or bring you to the place where God intends for you to sow, reap, and grow in His master plan.

As you do the right things for the right reasons, it will be counted to you as righteousness (right standing with God). Harken diligently to fulfill your purpose and God will open doors for you. You do not need to force your way into where He wants you to be. You have been endowed with what you need to succeed, in seed form. Your gift will make room for you. Seek God first and watch the doors open. Worship Him and watch the naysaying cease. I will not tell you that becoming a woman of purpose is a light task to be easily conquered. There will be work to do beyond making the decision to live a life of Godly purpose. It will take more than reading this book.

Sometimes, you may have to cry. Sometimes, you might not have the help from other people that you think you need. Sometimes, you may have frustration and feel like you need a motivational speaker to give you a word. Don’t give up. The way of becoming anything is a process. So it is with becoming a woman of purpose, a sister of purpose, a wife of purpose, a mother of purpose. You may have growing pains. You may have times of fear and uncertainty.

You may as mentioned before, be abandoned by people you once called friends as they discover that your destiny is beyond their comfort zone. You must realize that you cannot fit in with the crowd when you were made to stand out. Do not be alarmed if you have to make new friends. You are not the next big thing; you cannot be the next version of someone anyone else. You are a designer’s original. A masterpiece. God made you uniquely, especially, for purpose. You are the first you, and that is an honor when you use your life to honor God.

When you choose to follow your calling, it can be a scary time depending on many variables. With zeal, you might overextend yourself by participating in too many things that require your time. God is not trying to make you regret having a family, a job, or a life outside of the church, by making you feel as though you are pulled in a dozen directions and feeling stressed. He does want you to beware that you will need to work diligently to keep Him in a first-place status when you have many things vying for your time.

God calls people to purpose who are chasing after something. He knows your every ability. When God calls you, He expects you to use what you have to help build His kingdom: because that is the reason He gave it to you. Plus, the gifts and talents of God are irrevocable. A man could be a drunkard and still have favor with God – He knows the heart of all. Get ready to work. He is an equal opportunity employer who knows exactly what you are capable of and has no limits in promoting whom He will9. A woman of purpose is chosen for that position10. She is endowed by her creator with certain unalienable, and irrevocable gifts and talents.

A woman of purpose is known in the gates of majesty before she ever steps into ministry. God can do mighty works with your partnership of obedience. For a woman of purpose, her destiny is a prefix – not a chance ending. She is not an accident, a coincidence, or a mistake. A woman of purpose is born for a purpose, with a purpose, on purpose. Be careful not to put too many restrictions in your mind on who can be a woman of purpose. Every woman has her right and her responsibility to womanhood. Also, someone you might think could not be a woman of purpose, could be the one you least expect, but who brings many to Christ out of a humble heart submitted to the mission. When God sees a woman of purpose, He sees His daughter. A woman of purpose is royalty – a daughter of the King.

Perhaps you have – as I did, spent considerable time searching for meaning in things that only lead to confusion, or “looking for love in all the wrong places.” This happens when a spiritual void manifesting a hunger and thirst for the Spirit of God is misread by carnality, causing the person to attempt filling a spiritual void through channels of the human (carnal, fleshly) senses. The carnal senses are developed from youth to understand the world around us. We must learn to sharpen our spiritual senses just as we do our dexterity. If you have not discovered and learned to use your spiritual senses, hopefully the book you are reading will help you solve that puzzle. It will require practice in order for your spiritual senses to become strong and effective. God wants you to trust Him without limiting His ability to work His good pleasure in giving you the kingdom. Fully rely on God. Fill yourself with living water that flows from His Holy Spirit. Do what it takes to protect your uplink to His infinite well, that you may be able to drink freely and refresh your soul continually.

God is the ultimate creator. He can literally make something from nothing – the way he did when the earth was without form. He is also the only one who can take any element and turn it into anything else. His Spirit moved when He spoke, tapping into His infinite power, beginning with the word, “Let…”12. The word, “let” can be used to express a strong desire, as when a person prays, “Let her be healed…” Let means to allow; to not prevent; to not forbid. When God spoke into humanity, “Let us make man in our image…”14, He secured your uplink to His infinite being. Though God need not begin with a ball of clay, or a canvas, or a piece of wood, He began a work in you, and He will complete it15.

Your search for God is proof that He draws you to Him. You have gifts and talents that add to your uniqueness as an instrument designed to praise God and show forth His glory in the earth. The creativity that wells up in your talents and causes you to bring forth new ideas, inventions, works of art and interest, is evidence of God’s hand in fashioning the awesome faculties of your creative mind. It is evidence that you are made in His likeness. God can also change your life. He can transform your heart and mind to be more like His. He can bring deliverance from and a standard against sin. Remember that there is more than one way to accomplish your purpose, though it is a certain destination. God is able to make all things work.

Perhaps you have perceived God’s leading you to a higher calling in this life. Before you begin the lessons in this book, I encourage you to spend time in prayer. Thank God for your opportunity to grow with His guidance that has no place of blindness. Unlike the blind spots behind a vehicle at angles when you cannot see the road whilst you are driving, God is always proceeding with knowledge of all points from beginning to end in all scenarios. He will order your steps and show you a straight path when you are yielded to Him in sincerity. Even if you do not know what happens next, you can safely trust in God’s omnipotence. Whether you are walking in public service or seeking God’s will for your next step, I pray that your mind will be open to receiving what God intends for you. May your spiritual eyes be open to seeing God working in response to your efforts to become a better steward of his grace unto you\; a more effective tool that He may put to good use for the work of His kingdom.

May you find encouragement and practical tools to help you grow as you make your journey to purpose, attending to the necessities of growth – which may not always be enjoyable though they are profitable in their way as you pass each test. May you develop your relationship with Christ that will propel your efforts toward effective ministry. May God richly bless you in the Holy Spirit! May you have the clarity to rightly divide the Word of Truth as you study and pray fervently. May God anoint you and guard all works of righteousness in you, and all communication to you, from you, through you, around you, and concerning you. May your witness grow in affecting the hearts and minds of those you encounter, teaching and encouraging them to observe that which God has given you to impart. May God bless you and forever keep you in His care. I ask these blessings in Jesus’ Holy Name, Amen.

You may be wise beyond the pages of this book. It is the work of a broken vessel, marred, and imperfect. I hope you will behold it as a labor of love for the Master that His daughters might be made whole in peace that passes understanding, full of love, and flowing with mercy and grace.

I pray that you will get something fit for edification from this book. I hope that you will take the entire work with a prayerful heart and great expectation for a positive impact on your life and ministry. You do not have to agree with everything that is written here. When in doubt, default to the Word. Use what you can from these pages and leave the rest. This is chiefly a chronicle of my personal journey in a format that allows you to avoid my mistakes if you apply the instructions and principles presented here.

I hope that I can spare you a wilderness so full of trouble that I will write until the ink goes dry if you will choose life in Christ. Develop a love for the Word of God. The Bible is the number one bestselling book of all time. Every time I read it, it keeps on being new; but it says in many languages, “FATHER, FORGIVE THEM, FOR THEY KNOW NOT WHAT THEY DO.20” What a friend we have in Jesus! He asks our heavenly Father to have compassion on us; not that we should get what we deserved; yet, that we should receive atoning grace and mercy21. We deserved the reward of a sinner; yet, Christ took our place on the cross so we could get what we needed to restore our relationship with our Creator.

Jesus prayed for us that our faith would not fail despite Satan’s efforts to sift our foundation and destroy our belief. What was my purpose from the foundation of the world such that Jesus himself did not want my faith to fail? He knows something that I do not know. He sees beyond what I can see. He knows my language. He speaks to each of us in a language that we understand. I feel His presence in nature as the breeze blows through the trees. It reminds me that every good thing praises Him. The mountains sing and the trees clap their hands.

When I shirked from the battle [the good fight of faith], I let fear swallow up a whole lot of faith – more than a measure, just because I had walked out on my best friend the one who knew me and loved me first. His strength is made perfect in my weakness as He restores me to a loving relationship with Him. David had a sling and stones, but he was no less a giant slayer.

Thank you JESUS! Hallelujah!

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