Morning Call to Worship – Day 23

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Morning Call to Worship – Day 23

Worship Hour

By now you have heard at least a hundred songs this month. Update your personal worship playlist and put it on repeat: I like to call it a “running praise.”

Glory to God Almighty!

365 Seeds of Promise Ad

The Seeds of Promise Devotional Series is inspired by the reality of a living seed, from which a child grows in the mother’s womb. It is a seed of promise, a possibility as the song says, “a great big bundle of potentiality.” The Seeds of Promise Devotional Series is a collection of tools designed to empower Christian living and help you cultivate present power for your gift of purpose.

#calltoworship – Good Morning ABBA! Good Morning JESUS! Good Morning HOLY SPIRIT! Good Morning Heir Force! Good Morning 31 Women and 4th Watch! Good morning guests and friends! This is your Call To Worship!

Today is the 23rd day of a Call To Worship. Share the posts that have gone forth so far (days 1 – 23) with your family and friends. You can share the #call-to-worship tag feed from this site, and the Heir Force University Facebook page at

  • Sing songs from your heart to praise and worship God.
  • Pray. Use the Hour of Power suggested video for inspiration.
  • Study The Bible.

Hour of Power – 1 Hour of Prayer

#calltoworship Let’s Pray. Listen to the instructions and prayers in the following video. Repeat the words of each prayer aloud with your own voice. Write down the referenced scriptures for reading throughout the day // Beautiful Daily Prayers | Make Time For God Every Day

Shine: A Woman of Purpose

Today’s Bible Insight is “Courage For Your Purpose”

The following is an excerpt from the book, Shine: A Woman of Purpose (in progress at

Personal growth takes as much courage as conquering external battles. Yet, courage is not solely for combat. Courage is defined as the will to do what needs to be done despite opposition. Sometimes our strongest opposition comes from within, or the battlefield of our minds. On this battlefield, we may be bombarded with thoughts that are counterproductive, sabotaging our efforts to live in concert with God’s plan. To win this battle, it helps to have words for your purpose.

Courage is a necessity no matter how great or small the challenge. The nice thing is, the more you exercise courage for seemingly small things, the more courage in seeming large circumstances will be second nature.

Change requires courage. You cannot be afraid of change if you truly want to live on purpose. Some will need more change than others, depending upon their spiritual state at the point of beginning a journey to purpose. Still, all of us can do something to be more Christ-like in our daily lives. We must renew our minds as often as necessary to combat negative thinking. It does take courage to renew your mind. You have to believe that the thoughts you crucify are not as valuable to your subsistence as those that come from the mind of Christ.

Spiritual Giants

If God calls you to be a giant slayer, He will also give you the courage to do all He commands. You do not need to be afraid of spiritual giants. Wear your armor and seek God for sensitivity to His will that you will know when to move and when to stand still (Exodus 14:13).

There will always be someone in Satan’s camp, looking for a trophy. They may see you as a good challenge, to add to their feats of triumph. But be as David, whom when He faced Goliath, did not wear the helmet of another warrior, for this would have been a hindrance. He took the sling, for which use God had been training David throughout his entire life. Though he was a teenager when he fought Goliath, you might say David had seventeen years of training. And David did not come to the giant with lofty words, as one invincible of his own power. But David did speak to the giant.

Then said David to the Philistine, Thou comest to me with a sword, and with a spear, and with a shield: but I come to thee in the name of the LORD of hosts, the God of the armies of Israel, whom thou hast defied (I Samuel 17:45 KJV).

David had courage because of his faith in God. Faith is the gird of courage. Without faith, you cannot be courageous. And with faith, you can slay the giants in your life – through the power of God’s anointing.

A Courageous Woman

Jehosheba rescued her nephew Joash from an impending slaughter much like the mother of Moses stole him away from King Herod’s henchmen. Jehosheba’s stepmother, Athaliah, widow of the deceased King Jehoram of Judah, desired to be Queen after the death of her son Ahaziah. In order to accomplish this goal, she killed members of her family who would have otherwise been heirs to the throne.

Jehosheba knew that her nephew’s life was in danger. He was a grandchild of Athaliah and the youngest surviving son of Ahaziah. He would be king if his life could be spared. Jehosheba stole her nephew away and hid him in the temple with the help of her husband the priest, Jehoiada.

What perfect timing that Jehosheba was married to a priest and she was close enough to get to Joash. God already had an avenue prepared to save the life of Joash before Athaliah began plotting her evil scheme. II Kings 11:2 says that Jehosheba stole Joash from among the king’s sons who were slain. Somehow, Joash miraculously survived the slaughter of his kinsmen, but he was no doubt confused and powerless to remove himself from the carnage, being not more than a year old.

Jehosheba had to have the courage to go into the equivalent of a war zone and get the child out. If she was found retrieving Joash or hiding him, she would surely have been killed along with the child. But that’s not all, verse 3 says that Joash’s nurse was also taken from the place where Joash was found.

Jehosheba risked her own life to save her nephew and his nurse, and they all hid in the bedroom from Athaliah. Another miracle is that they were able to hide in silence. In all of this commotion, Joash was not crying like a child of his age might? Another miracle. He was in familiar company. He must have felt completely safe despite the horror going on around him.

Jehosheba hid Joash in the temple for six years without the knowledge of Athaliah. Meanwhile, Joash so happened to be in the daily company of Jehosheba’s husband a priest who could also teach him the ways of the true and living God. The Lord not only saved the life of Joash through Jehosheba’s courage but surrounded Joash with influence contrary to the wickedness of Athaliah (taking after her parents: Ahab and Jezebel).

When Joash was seven years old, certain leaders plotted to overthrow Athaliah’s rule; and so they did. Joash became king and entered into a covenant with the priest Johaidah who had helped train him (II Timothy 2:15). The temple of Baal would be torn down and the kingdom would be converted to worship the Lord. What a sequence of events. Jehosheba’s courage saved the life of a king who restored Judah to God’s will. Now that’s a testimony.

Courage to Persevere

Devotional Reading: Acts 23 – 25

In today’s reading, Paul stated that he had been in good conscience until this day (Acts 23:1). How many people can say that?! It is a great thing just to be able to say that you have lived in good conscience all day, let alone for several lengths of days.

God knew Paul’s character. Paul was trustworthy where God’s will was concerned. God had already told Paul that his work was not yet finished. He was called to be a witness and there were more people who needed to hear his testimony. Thus when a group of people sets a plot to slay Paul, God sent a messenger to foil their plan – it was Paul’s nephew.

The son of Paul’s sister was able to warn Paul, who was able to then get a message to the chief captain by way of his nephew. Paul was whisked away to another place. Paul endured prison still, however, though he was a sent messenger of God.

There were times in Paul’s ministry when he saw many converted and did miracles that caused others to believe. At other times he was imprisoned, beaten, and left for dead. If Paul would have given up on his calling, God would surely have raised up another witness; but, Paul would have missed out on the glory of God in His life.

Have you been sure of your calling but not seen many results? There is much to be said for the courage to persevere. Courage is pressing forward despite fear or opposition. Another word for courage is audacity or fearlessness. It does not mean that you may never have a fear. It means that you love Christ enough to persevere or endure to overcome (I John 4:18).

Coming to Heir Force Ministries in 2022 – The Real Reel!

Beginning January 2022, Heir Force University will launch a new ministry called, “The Reel.” The Reel will host reviews of real Christian films and some not-overtly Christian, but worldview-relevant productions. Features will include virtual watch parties, Bible studies based on the films, minute-by-minute commentaries, and Reel Memberships offering discounts on movie tickets and online rentals, DVDs, soundtracks, and more!

One of the films we will review is Courageous, from the makers of FIREPROOF (which we will also review). Even if you have seen these and other films we watch before, join us for the revelation that will come from exploring the Biblical undertones and life-applicable principles and concepts presented in these films and related productions.

Courageous Movie

Courageous description:

From the creators of FIREPROOF comes COURAGEOUS, an action-packed drama that will have families laughing and cheering as they are inspired by everyday heroes striving to be fathers of courage.

Director: Alex Kendrick
Starring: Alex Kendrick, Ken Bevel, Kevin Downes
Genres: Drama, Kids, Action
Subtitles: English [CC]
Audio languages: English

Thank you JESUS! Hallelujah!

I support Christian films.

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