Shenica Graham is a minister, author, recording artist, songwriter, publisher, and entrepreneur. She holds two B.A. degrees from Wichita State University and is working toward an M.A. in theology. She provides Bible-based, Christian services including concert performance, motivational speaking, leadership seminars, trainings and workshops for individuals and churches, youth groups and other nonprofit organizations. In music, her lyrics touch the soul as she fights P.T.S.D. by trusting in G O D.

The Road To Victory

Shenica Renee Graham was Born October 14, 1977 in Long Beach, CA. As early as 1985, she began writing poetry and various manuscripts to release her pain in a non-violent manner. Her first national award was won for a poem she wrote about her parents in a fourth-grade competition. In the eighties, she competed in the America’s Kids and Teens pageant and was voted, “Most Potential.” This was the spark of her would-be music career. Preparing for the talent competition, Shenica chose a song that was “too mature” – according to her mother. Not allowed to sing in the competition, she performed an oration. The pageant director commented, “You should sing. I can hear it in your voice.”

By her teenage years, Shenica had moved to Kansas with her mother and infant brother. Shenica was deep in depression, suffering from panic attacks and anorexia throughout high school. Upon graduation in 1995, she could receive few accolades since chronic absence left her struggling academically. However, her peers and teachers had seen her true self beyond the obvious dysfunction. In a final award ceremony for the graduating class, Shenica was honored with the “Harriet Tubman Award.” She was called, the “Black Moses of Her Generation.” Soon after graduation, Shenica was crowned 1995 Miss International Sunday School [Convention] (ISSC). She was the first contestant to represent and wear the crown from her jurisdiction.

Though she went on to complete two college degrees (class of 2000, 2001), she struggled to mediate past traumas. Married in 2000 and separated in 2003, she became increasingly nomadic with feelings of loss. Soon transitionally homeless, she moved from Kansas to New York to Georgia to Iowa. While battling homelessness, she began recording music on borrowed computers. In 2006, she published a sketchy autobiography, selling a single copy before she pulled it from distribution. She also released an EP under a pseudonym and performed a limited concert run before taking a break from music.

Difficulties as a new singer/songwriter in the music and publishing industries, inspired her to help youth, women and minority authors. In 2007, she founded Renee A Harlem Inc as an Iowa Corporation. The inaugral publications were God Brought Us All The Way (2009), by Frank Robinson, Jr. and The Ultimate Sacrifice (2010) by Ernestine Williams. The business was formally dissolved in 2010 after a severe bought with mental illness.

Shenica reached her defining crossroad in August of 2008 after learning that she was expecting a baby. Refusing pressure to abort her first child, she was later abandoned while five months pregnant. She accepted a call to ministry after rebounding from a deep depression. It had been clear to her on several occasions in the past that God had a plan for her. Like many others, she had been a prodigal daughter who experienced God’s grace and mercy.

Standing On His Promises 

Shenica Graham founded Shenica Graham (Global) Ministries October 23, 2008. She began writing the Seeds of Promise Devotional Series including inspirational music and Christian devotional books. She delivered her first formal sermon on Sunday, November 17, 2009 at Trinity Temple Church of Des Moines, Iowa. Her subject was, “A Few Good Women.” Following the sermon, she shared her testimony of how God had revealed once again that she was called according to His purpose. Continuing her mission, she founded Revival Mission Ministries online, on Sunday, June 13th in the Year of our Lord, 2010.

Today, Shenica teaches online courses in religion, spirituality, and women’s studies and publishes books on Christian living and mentorship. She has been a national-level Biblical Studies Examiner, Des Moines Spiritual Living Examiner, and a Mental Health Examiner for She was a member of the International Association of Women Ministers (IAWM).

Shenica’s gospel music and speaking tour vitae including academic, religious, and entrepreneurial topics spanning the globe from California, USA to Orleans, France. She travels to youth events nationwide, sharing her testimony and ministering to hearts in need of healing. She gives back to the writing community by sponsoring publishing projects to preserve the literary works of youth, women, and minorities.

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