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WiSeekU Biblical Wisdom Keepers Program : Level 4 Certificate

The beginning of Wisdom is: get Wisdom (skillful and godly Wisdom)! [For skillful and godly Wisdom is the principal thing.] And with all you have gotten, get understanding (discernment, comprehension, and interpretation). Proverbs 4:7 AMP

Lantern_Level4The WiSeekU Biblical Wisdom Keepers Program is an extension of the Biblical Foundations Programs. Biblical Wisdom Keepers is a Bible study book club and leadership program designed to identify and train Bible-based teachers, counselors and prayer warriors. The curriculum is centered on wisdom as principally gained through the book of Proverbs. Students complete 54.5 credits beyond the Level 3 certification to graduate and receive the Biblical Wisdom Keepers Level 4 Certificate.

Level 4 Overview

  • Color: Purple
  • Symbol: A purple lantern
  • Prerequisite: Biblical Wisdom Keepers Level 3
  • Daily Proverbs: Read (at minimum) Proverbs 10 – 12 every day
  • Significance: Students at this level have made a formal, public commitment to fulfill the Great Commission, including random acts of kindness and community service without expectation of payment or other instant gratification. He or she should have a record of community service, and a good report from his or her mentor. He or she should exemplify growth in spiritual and natural wisdom, character and Biblical conformity including humility and the fellowship of peace. Level 4 students signify in their wearing of the Stoll-draped cross and or purple cord that they are members of the royal priesthood in the Body of Christ.

Level 4 Daily Proverbs

Lesson ID Daily Reading Hrs. Overview
BWKLIDP Proverbs Chapter 10 1 Daily proverbs are to be read and reflected upon each day, for the duration of the level learning. Students should also journal thoughts and reflections as they are reading. The goal is to memorize the book of Proverbs by the time the student completes the 12th (highest) level of Biblical Wisdom Keepers training. “Hrs.” is the suggested daily commitment in order to accomplish the goal (e.g. 1 hour devoted to each chapter, for a total of three study hours each day, repeated every day that the student is at the current level of study.
BWKL1DP Proverbs Chapter 11 1
BWKL1DP Proverbs Chapter 12 1

Level 4 Curriculum

Biblical Wisdom Keepers: Level 4a – 17 credits

Course ID Course Title Cr. Course Foundation
WKL4001 Paul’s Conversion and Missionary   Journeys 2
WKL4002 The Twelve Disciples 6
WKL4003 The Proverbs of Solomon 4
WKL4004 The Psalms of David 1  
The New Testament  
WKL4005 The Book of Matthew 4  

5 Courses  |  Credits  =  


Biblical Wisdom Keepers: Level 4b – 21 credits

Course ID Course Title Cr. Course Foundation
The New Testament (continued…)
WKL4006 The Book of Mark 3
WKL4007 The Book of Luke 3
WKL4008 The Book of John 3
WKL4009 The Book of Acts 4  
WKL4010 The Book of Romans 3  
WKL4011 I Corinthians 1  
WKL4012 II Corinthians 1  
WKL4013 Galatians 1  
WKL4014 Ephesians 2  

9 Courses  |  Credits  =  


Biblical Wisdom Keepers: Level 4c – 16.5 credits

Course ID Course Title Cr. Course Foundation
The New Testament (continued…)
WKL4015 Philippians 1
WKL4016 Colossians 1
WKL4017 I Thessalonians & II Thessalonians 1
WKL4018 I Timothy & II Timothy 1  
WKL4019 Titus .5  
WKL4020 Philemon .5  
WKL4021 Hebrews 2  
WKL4022 James 1  
WKL4023 I Peter & II Peter 1  
WKL4024 I John, II John, & III John 2  
WKL4025 Jude .5  
WKL4026 Revelation 2  
WKL4027 Intermediate Secondary Language 3  

13 Courses  |  Credits  =  


Course Duration & Distribution

  • Ideally, Level 4 classes are taught daily, Monday – Friday.
  • Taking the suggested 27-course curriculum, students are encouraged to complete the Level 1 Certification in 54 ½ weeks, or three semesters.
  • Students begin in the Fall semester, completing 5 courses, for a total of 17 credits.
  • Students complete 9 courses, for a total of 21 credits in the Spring semester.
  • Students complete 13 courses, for a total of 16.5 credits in the Summer semester.

Degree & Recognition

  • Successful students receive the Biblical Wisdom Keepers Bachelor of Science after completing the Level 4 curriculum and all its requisites.
  • Level 4 Graduates receive an exclusive Purple Stolled Cross patch, lapel pin, charm (necklace or bracelet), or other symbolic recognition (different graduating classes may receive different recognition at the Dean’s discretion).
  • Graduates may purchase exclusive, Purple Stolled Cross apparel and other paraphernalia at a discounted rate from the official WiSeekU store.