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WiSeekU HealHer Program

Bear (endure, carry) one another’s burdens and troublesome moral faults, and in this way fulfill and observe perfectly the law of Christ (the Messiah) and complete what is lacking [in your obedience to it]. Galatians 6:2 AMP

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The WiSeekU HealHer Program


The HealHer Program (http://healher.wordpress.com/healher-program/) is a psychosocial rehabilitation outreach tailored to the unique needs of women who are survivors of abuse. The HealHer Program bridges gaps between client goals and achievement. Students of the HealHer Project become Social Rehabilitation Counselors. Participants in the HealHer Program are empowered to heal from the causes of PTSD and related issues by learning them to manage and or eradicate persistent debilitating symptoms. The program is unique in its assessment of client needs and healing approaches.

The HealHer Program is an extension of the Christian Counseling program. Training is designed to educate and develop quality Christian Counselors. R.M.C.U. offers eight levels of certification based on the HealHer Curriculum.


The HealHer Program is a faith-based psychosocial rehabilitation program tailored to the unique needs of women who are survivors of abuse. R.M.C.U.

Credential Program Title Credits
Certificate HealHer Participant
Certificate HealHer Core Prep
Certificate HealHer Advocate
Certificate HealHer Coach
Certificate HealHer Case Manager
Certificate HealHer Program Manager

The HealHer Core

The HealHer CORE is a powerful faith-based  Curriculum Of Rehabilitative Elements. The unity of these elements represents the systematic reconstitution of the woman who is an abuse survivor. The HealHer Program is the process by which these elements mend her psychosocial fabric and empower her to be a whole woman, moving beyond the borders of her past trauma. The HealHer CORE consists of the four main components listed below. A preparatory program is also available for students who need to acquire the prerequisite curriculum.

Course ID Course Title Credits
HHPRC The HealHer Program COREThe HealHer Program CORE curriculum is the standard learning series component common to all HealHer initiatives. It is the foundation for every certification and organizational training we offer. Various
HHPC The HealHer Participant COREThe HealHer Participant CORE curriculum is a faith-based psychosocial rehabilitation learning series tailored to the unique needs of women who are survivors of abuse. Various
HHCMC The HealHer Case Management COREThe HealHer Case Management CORE curriculum provides case management training specific to the unique needs and services of the HealHer participant and program. Certified HealHer Case Managers can further professional development by completing the HealHer Program Management   certification. Various
HHPMC The HealHer Program Management COREThe HealHer Program Management CORE curriculum prepares human services professionals for the challenges and rewards of managing a   HealHer Program. Candidates earn the HealHer Program Manager certification upon successful completion of this curriculum. Certified HealHer Program Managers can further professional development by completing the HealHer Program Manager (Director) certification. Various

The HealHer Program Advantage

The HealHer Program equips leaders, support personnel and volunteers in your organization to meet quality standards in all areas of HealHer program administration and service.  will develop familiarity with our faith-based psychosocial rehabilitation model tailored to the unique needs of women who are survivors of abuse. You will learn the objectives and methodology to provide the services of our holistic treatment option in response to trauma-induced post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). As a certified HealHer Program, your organizational team will  stand among leaders in a growing network of advocates for the rights, health and wellness of women.

Why HealHer?

The HealHer Program empowers women to heal from the causes of PTSD by teaching them to manage and or eradicate persistent debilitating symptoms. The program is unique its assessment of client needs and healing approaches. Program certification includes training for your entire organization. In addition to the HealHer Core Curriculum, your organization will gain or refresh knowledge and expertise in serving diverse populations and addressing the unique needs and challenges of women who are survivors of abuse.

Core Beliefs 

  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is a treatable condition.
  • Establishing and maintaining a healthy spirituality is a key component of sustained mental health.
  • Christ is the answer (Acts 4:12)

The HealHer Experience

  • Each participant completes a custom learning series tailored to her specific self-development needs and goals, culminating in a rites of passage retreat and graduation ceremony.
  • Participants receive advocacy and self-help education.
  • Participants receive life skills training to counteract social disconnects.
  • Participants work individually and with other participants as appropriate, sharing knowledge, experience and expertise.
  • Participants learn stress management techniques and develop personally relevant coping skills.
  • Participants learn about causes and effects of PTSD and identify potential self-help methods.
  • Participants receive outpatient psychosocial therapy as needed and at no additional cost.


The HealHer Program is open to women who are eighteen years of age or older; and

  • Who are survivors of abuse; and
  • Who experience chronic debilitating factors of post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD); and or
  • Who do or do not have any formal mental health related diagnosis; and
  • Who do or do not qualify for other trauma rehab programs, with preference given to those who have established need for our services yet do not qualify for other programs.

How to Apply

About Social Rehabilitation Counseling

Rehabilitation Counseling is focused on helping people who have disabilities achieve their personal, career, and independent living goals through a counseling process. Rehabilitation Counselors can be found in private practice, in rehabilitation facilities, universities, schools, government agencies, insurance companies and other organizations where people are being treated for congenital or acquired disabilities with the goal of going to or returning to work.


The predominant need for rehabilitation counselors is within federal/state funded vocational rehabilitation programs. The Veteran’s Administration has its own vocational rehabilitation program. Federal/State Vocational Rehabilitation Programs are funded and regulated by Rehabilitation Services Administration (RSA), a division of the U.S Department of Education. Although policies vary from state to state, rehabilitation counselors who work in the federal/state systems typically must hold a masters degree in rehabilitation counseling, special education or a related field. Counselors in the federal/state Vocational Rehabilitation programs are required to be certified or be eligible to sit for the certification examination. People accepting employment in the federal/state Vocational Rehabilitation programs do so with the agreement they will meet these qualifications by a specified date to maintain employment.


As of 2008 there were 129,500 working in the field. Jobs for rehabilitation counselors are expected to grow by 19 percent, which is much faster than the average for all occupations.


There are several professional organizations Vocational Rehabilitation Counselors and other rehabilitation professionals belong to, including National Rehabilitation Association (NRA), National Rehabilitation Counseling Association, American Rehabilitation Counseling Association and American Rehabilitation Action Network.

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rehabilitation counseling

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