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HealHer Advocate Curriculum

HealHer Advocate CORE – 30 credits

Course Course Title Cr. Overview
HHAC 101 The HealHer Advocate 3 healhersealThe HealHer Advocate CORE curriculum teaches like minded persons to lobby, network, and secure opportunities for the empowerment of clients and workers in the HealHer program.
HHAC 102 Goal Setting & Time Management 3
HHAC 103 You and Your Network 3
HHAC 104 Understanding Trauma 3
HHAC 105 Resources and Research Tools 3
HHAC 106 Business & Professional writing and Grant writing 3
HHAC 107 Introduction to Social Service Law 3
HHAC 108 Advocates, Delegates, and Lobbyists 3
HHAC 109 3
HHAC 110 3

The HealHer Program CORE – 30 credits

Course Course Title Cr. Overview
HHPRC 101 The HealHer Project 3 The HealHer Program CORE curriculum is the standard learning series component common to all HealHer initiatives. It is the foundation for every certification and organizational training we offer.

The HealHer Program CORE equips the leaders, support personnel and volunteers in your organization to meet quality standards in all areas of HealHer program administration and service. Students will develop familiarity with the HealHer faith-based psychosocial rehabilitation model tailored to the unique needs of women who are survivors of abuse. Students will learn the objectives and methodology to provide the services of our holistic treatment option in response to trauma-induced post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). A certified HealHer Program with duly trained professionals will stand among leaders in a growing network of advocates for the rights, health and wellness of women.

HHPRC 102 The HealHer Program 3
HHPRC 103 The HealHer Method 3
HHPRC 104 The HealHer Philosophy 3
HHPRC 105 The HealHer Code (Issues & Ethics Course) 3
HHPRC 106 HealHer Counseling Psychology 3
HHPRC 107 HealHer Group Dynamics (Diversity Course) 3
HHPRC 108 HealHer Research Methods 3
HHPRC 109 The HealHer Workshop 3
HHPRC 110 Introduction to Psychosocial Rehabilitation 3

A preparatory program is also available for students who need to acquire the prerequisite curriculum.

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