The HealHer CORE Preparatory Program

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HealHer Core Preparatory Curriculum – 48 credits

Course Course Title Cr. Overview
HHCP 101 Adult Learning Theory 3 healhersealThese courses are recommended for HealHer program leaders and trainers as a preparation for the HealHer Core Curriculum. Students lacking proficiency in either of the following areas may take any of these courses concurrently with the appropriate HealHer Core Curriculum.

Applicants lacking sufficient preparation in any of the above areas may be still be admitted the   program on a probationary basis. However, a candidate will not eligible for certification qualifying exams or program graduation until all core requirements are satisfactorily completed. A Bachelors degree in a human services field is a preferred minimum qualification. Applications with prior   coursework and or experience relevant to psychosocial rehabilitation are encouraged to request a credential review as part of the application process.

HHCP 102 Curriculum Design 3
HHCP 103 Diversity for Human Service Professionals 3
HHCP 104 Event Planning and Management 3
HHCP 105 Principles of One to One Counseling 3
HHCP 106 Principles of Group Counseling 3
HHCP 107 Survey of World Religions 3
HHCP 108 Survey of Christianity 3
HHCP 109 Mental Health & Wellness 3
HHCP 110 Abnormal Psychology 3
HHCP 111 Developmental Psychology 3
HHCP 112 Introduction to Sociology 3
HHCP 113 Communication Skills 3
HHCP 114 Addictions Counseling 3
HHCP 115 Interviewing, Intake, and Interpretation   Skills 3
HHCP 116 Residential Facility Management 3

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