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Introduction to Internet Evangelism

Lesson Overview

The Redeemer by Reborn ChurchThis course is part of the Internet Evangelism curriculum. Answering the call of today’s generation for everything online, this course introduces the fundamental principles of evangelism to the online world.

folder1Required Reading

Book Read From Read To Devotional
Luke Chapter 10
John Chapter 3
Romans Chapter 10

folder1Introduction to Internet Evangelism

What Every Internet Evangelist Should Know

document Benefits of Internet Evangelism

  • Internet evangelism is cost effective, with minimal or no cost per convert.
  • It is available 24/7.
  • It can engage the user in a life changing dialogue in the comfort of anywhere the user choses.
  • It provides access to billions of potential converts from over 60 countries around the world.
  • Online forms facilitate building contact lists.

document Frequently Asked Questions

What is Internet evangelism?

Internet evangelism takes the fundamental truths of traditional evangelism ministry and tailors them to the online community using several different internet tools. It is a uniquely qualified and legitimate ministry, an online mission field.

document A prayer for you

LORD JESUS, thank you for the ambition and the ability to reach out to a lost world. Anoint me with your Spirit to be an effective witness. You said to open my mouth and you would fill it. Give me what to say and how to say it. Keep my heart in subjection to you. Let me be humble and you be exalted. Reach the hearts of those who encounter me or my website today. Let some ask what must I do to be saved? Let them receive you.

document 9 principles of Internet evangelism

  1. Fast, pray, and seek GOD as if it was traditional evangelism from a local church. Internet evangelism an online ministry is as important as local ministry and evangelism. It requires the same or similar prayer life, fasting regimen, and sensitivity to the Holy Spirit.
  2. Incorporate the fundamentals of traditional evangelism. Internet evangelism needs the solid foundation of traditional evangelism.
  3. Maintain a personal website. Linked to your church’s website, create an evangelism website to serve as an outreach net. Refer contacts and new converts to your website for faith formation tools and more information about the Good News.
  4. Connect with an online church. Before evangelizing online, you should have a connection with a local church. If that church has a website, you should anchor your online ministry to that site. If your church does not have a website, volunteer to create one. This way, you can refer the unchurched to a place where they can grow in the faith.
  5. Update your website often. Just like a church needs cleaning regularly, websites need maintenance to remain fresh and relevant. An evangelism website is not a set it and forget it tool. If you want to drive visitors to your site, you need to keep your site content fresh and relevant.
  6. Use social media to connect with people online. Reaching out on social media is low stress and low intimidation.
  7. Use e-mail for follow-up within 24-48 hours. Attach a resource with reminder of your site address and the site address of your church.
  8. Use social media to update your site with fresh content. You can save time and effort by using social media to deliver new content to your site. When you properly configure social media tools, you post to social media and every configured webpage displays the post.
  9. Use consistent style elements. An inconsistent style is not user friendly nor inviting and may make your site more difficult to read and understand.

document Internet  Evangelism Video Training Series

  1. WatchInternet Tools Cast Wide Net for Evangelism.”
  2. WatchTools for Local Evangelism: Using the Internet.”
  3. WatchWhy we should use social media for Evangelism. “

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