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Sharing Your Testimony

Lesson Overview 

The Redeemer by Reborn ChurchThis lesson is part of the Internet Evangelism curriculum. This lesson gives pointers on how to share your testimony for effective online evangelism.

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folder1Sharing Your Testimony

Witnessing Effectively Online

document Write your testimony

  1. Write a speech telling your personal story of conversion to Christ.
  2. Read and recite your testimony once or more each day to help you memorize it.
  3. Watch testimonials on YouTube. What emotions did you feel?
  4. Practice drawing emotions from your audience..
  5. Research the major themes in your testimony. What does the Bible say about what you went through?
  6. Add scripture references to your testimony where appropriate.
  7. Record a video of you telling your testimony.
  8. Upload you testimony to your YouTube channel and your website.

document Include the following recommended details in your testimony

  • Your name
  • Your church
  • Your occupation
  • Whether you are full time in ministry
  • Your website address
  • Hard trials
  • Tests of your faith
  • How you overcame obstacles
  • How old you were when you accepted Christ
  • Whether you had Christian friends or family
  • Whether you were persecuted for your faith.
  • Whether you had addictions and how you overcame them
  • What changes happened in your life

document Testimony Video Training Series

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