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Wisdom Seekers Christian University Online

WiSeekU Tuition & Fees

WiSeekU endeavors to provide high-quality Bible-based education at a fraction of the cost of traditional parochial institutions. This page details the fee schedule for Revival Mission Christian University. Fees are subject to change according to budget and other fiscal forecasts. Updates will be posted here if and when implemented.

Application Fee

A 25.00 application fee is in effect for new WiSeekU students. Returning students whose accounts have been inactive for more than 180 days, pay a $15 dollar re-activation fee. Members of a Biblical Wisdom Keepers chapter receive a 50% reduction in application and enrollment (per credit-hour) fees.

Credit Hour Fee

Your WiSeekU cost per credit hour is $3 US. That’s right, just three dollars (US currency) per credit hour. For example, the fee for a three (3) credit hour course is $3 dollars x 3 credit hours, for a total of $9 dollars (US).

Diploma, Certificate & Degree Fees

A fee of 25.00 is in effect for official copies of a diploma, certificate, and or Degree conferral. This fee is in lieu of the application fee, and is payable by a student after he or she has completed the program in which he or she is enrolled.

Textbook Fees

Textbooks written by WiSeekU faculty are available for free download, from the Course Library when the student is logged in to his or her WiSeekU account. Other textbooks used in a course in which a student is enrolled, must be purchased from the publisher directly, or from the course instructor, who may have purchased the textbooks in advance and in bulk.

Wisdom Keeper Chapter Dues

The Biblical Wisdom Keepers Organization is a Bible-based study and outreach ministry project of Shenica Graham (founder) and RMCU. The organization is similar to a focused book club, with the Bible being the primary text. Chapter dues formally affiliate the chapter with RMCU, and allow for conferring of related, earned achievement documents, accolades, and other recognition(s). Chapter Formation is not required for organization membership. However, members are encouraged to plug-in with a local chapter, if one is available.

Payment of chapter dues allows a chapter representative to access the WiSeekU Biblical Wisdom Keepers site on behalf of all chapter members. License is granted for use of text, tools, and associated resources, according to the established policy.

Annual Dues are payable by January 5th of each year. Quarterly dues are paid by the fifth of each of the following months: January, April, July, and October. When payable, current chapter dues are based on membership and growth, according to the following schedule:

Membership Officers’ Dues Laity Members’ Dues Dues are Paid:
1 – 5 Members $1 per officer None Quarterly
6 – 15 Members $2 per officer $1 per non-Officer member Annually
16 – 25 Members $3 per officer $2 per non-Officer member Quarterly
31 – 40 Members $4 per officer $3 per non-Officer member Annually
41 – 60 Members $5 per officer $4 per non-Officer member Quarterly
61 – 100 Members $6 per officer $5 per non-Officer member Annually
101 or more Members $7 per officer $6 per non-Officer member Annually

Quarterly dues may accrue to more than annual dues for a given membership quantity. The purpose of this discrepancy is to encourage growth. A lively and growing chapter should press toward a growing membership that skips quarterly dues since when a quarterly due would be payable, the group surpasses the member quantity limit and is advanced to the next highest annual dues level.