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Why This Book?

Recipes & Remedies: A Devotional Cooking & Wellness Journal derived from work on the book, “Take Me to The King.” Developing a daily plan of devotion and spiritual consecration, it became clear that nourishing the natural body with whole goodness is as important as nourishing the soul with prayer and the Holy Word. I had some prevailing health problems and needed to overhaul my wellness lifestyle.

Health & Wellness

Included in the print version is a wellness journal. It is an answer to the call to restore the natural elements that God desires for healthy living and natural wholeness. Lessons include recipes, instruction in what to eat and what not to eat, natural healing remedies, exercise tips and more for the entire family. Each topic includes explanation and or example of one or more of the following:

The Revelation Food Pyramid

The Revelation Food Pyramid is a beginner’s guide to food, including nutritional and spiritual value.


Complete recipes and instructions for preparing all of the meals discovered by the author on this journey.


Natural sources of healing and reparations for the body, inside and out.

Brown Bag Bible Learning

Seeds of Promise Brown Bag Lessons help children with scripture memory, combining Bible learning and lunchtime fun to nourish body and soul every day.

Get Moving

Get Moving (in the morning, mid-day, and or evening) is wisdom for maintaining the internal organs and fruitful mechanisms of the natural body.

The Beauty of Wholeness

The Beauty of Wholeness is a beginner’s guide to natural beauty, focusing on letting the inner glow shine through.


Each day includes one or more of the following sections: Life-Style, Ministry Perspective, Application, and The Message. Life-Style contains an anecdote, short story, or testimony related to the morning devotional. Topics illustrate how, when, where, and why to incorporate principles from the morning devotional into your daily life. This is how you “style” your life in the manner of holiness. Holiness is a lifestyle, not just a religion.


Each recipe and remedy is coupled with a devotional and journal topic to help you reflect on principles and concepts presented in corresponding devotional. Write your response / reaction to the journal topic. Lined pages are included after the topic instruction for your convenience. Use the lined pages to help keep your journal entries organized according to the topics they relate to each day.

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