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Shine: A Woman Of Purpose

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Becoming A Woman of Purpose

Becoming a woman of purpose requires an unwavering trust in God. Abram was told that he and Sarah would have a child. Consider Sarah, Abram’s wife. When she leaned to her own understanding, she saw herself as beyond childbearing years. She did not trust that the promise could be true. She could have missed the gift of God. Abram was told that the servant born in his house would not be his heir – although he had no other male children before him. Abram had to hold fast his faith for twenty years, before he and his wife Sarah had a son. When God asks for our faith, we can be sure that He is both able and willing to accomplish all that He promises. Our challenge is to be unwavering. When you believe, there is no thing called, “impossible.”

Trust in God is something you cultivate by reading and hearing the Word; through fasting and prayer; and by choosing to trust in Him when you have the choice to either trust God or depend on your own understanding.

Read Psalms 37:4. God promises that if we delight ourselves in Him, He will give us the desires of our heart. Read Hebrews 11:1. The power of faith is the door to every single blessing God has to give. Signs of the Holy Spirit follow them that believe; and all things are possible to them that believe.

Becoming a woman of purpose is the process of cultivating the fruit of the Spirit in your life. When God presses upon us – whether by direct communication or divine inspiration, to come after Him afresh, He is showing His awesome character of mercy. He reminds us once again that He has promised to restore each one of us (Isaiah 43:25) when and if we who are called by His name do humble ourselves and pray.

Throughout your journey, you will need to seek God for understanding. Be proactive in your quest. This book is an attempt to help you program your mind to think positively about your role in Christ’s kingdom, that you may participate and be both content and effective for His will through fulfilling your purpose from Him. Since there will undoubtedly be times when only God can answer the questions in you heart, it is a good idea to begin cultivating your relationship with Him. Ask God to reveal to you whether who you are is the person He wants you to be. If not, ask for His help to become a woman of purpose in obedience to Him.

Guard your heart and mind from negative influences. Keep a song in your heart in praise to God- a song (or songs) that you can replay in your mind throughout the day. Have an affirmation that you can repeat daily. These actions are simple ways to program your thinking. Doing this will help you to change your attitude, to manifest a Godly focus.

Satan is a sly deceiver. He also knows the Word of God. He can quote scripture and appear as an angel of light. Becoming a woman of purpose requires you to rightly divide the Word of truth. You need to know the Word so that you can prevent the enemy from discouraging you with false truths and bad doctrine.

If any man lack wisdom, let Him ask of God who gives to all men liberally and upbraideth not (James 1:5) – which means that He does not give knowledge to one worthy who seeks, and then withhold from another one worthy who seeks. All things being equal, God is no respecter of persons. He will teach all who truly desire to know Him.

Every good tree bears fruit. If your salt has lost its savor – meaning that you are going through the motions of holiness, without it being your ruling heart condition – it is good for nothing. That does mean that you should resign yourself to being bland and lukewarm – in which state God will spew you out (Revelation 3:16) and say depart from Him. If your salt is bland, it is time to go back to the source (God) and be re-salted.

Sometimes, when situations seem to stifle our efforts, or we are at a loss for words while someone else is giving us a piece of his or her mind – and we are trying to hold our tongue, or turn the other cheek, we look for a word from the Lord to come from a source outside ourselves.  It is good to have a spiritual mentor.  It is also God’s commandment that we gather a goodly storage in our hearts filled with His Word, that we may be guided of His Holy Spirit individually when the enemy tempts us to behave contrarily to God’s will. And if we willfully reject His will, how should we think that we shall receive a revelation (or a blessing) from Him?

First, we need to renew our minds daily, focusing our thoughts and being toward submission to God’s perfect and divine will. This renewal begins with prayer and supplication. Read Romans 12:1-2. Then, we need to read the manual that came with our life. Yes, there are instructions for that. The Bible was not meant to be the family-room-coffee-table-cloth-weight to make guests feel we are holier than we think they are. It is meant to allow us to get to know God. We are supposed to study it.

Read 2 Timothy 2:14-15. The Bible is a complete guide with no missing information. What some accuse to be “gaps” in the story are portions reserved for revelation by God at His discretion, in His own time. If we see nothing between the lines as we study the Word of God, we need to pray for a deeper understanding. Put more time and patience in to get more grace and wisdom out. Read John 14:25-29.

God wants His people to know His will. He has given us everything we need to receive that knowledge. We have to build our temple in order that He may speak to us directly – and that we may not miss the memo. If the Holy Spirit dwells within us, we have instant access to God’s message. The difference between the received revelation and the Word of God sent to the spam folder, is the filter of your heart. It should be set to Holiness, blocking all works of the deceiver.

You have heard the adage, “garbage in, garbage out.” Jesus also said that it is not what goes into the belly that defiles a man (or woman); but that which comes out of his (or her) mouth can defile because it comes forth from the heart. So put the Word of God into your heart that you do not defile the temple of the Lord which are ye. Then, it will be His word that comes forth, and may He add to this a holy boldness that cannot be stifled by the world

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