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Shine: A Woman Of Purpose

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A Heart For Your Purpose

And forgive us our sins, for we ourselves also forgive everyone who is indebted to us [who has offended us or done us wrong]. Luke 11:4a AMP

After one accepts Christ as Savior, there is work to be done. Spiritual growth is not automatic. It is a positive consequence of seeking God in a personal way. Read I Samuel 16:7. It imparts to us that we should not assume by one’s outward appearance that he or she is counted among the just. (No, a certain attire alone does not make you holy – but certain attire may be used to avoid distraction from a higher purpose). Jesus said, we would know the character of a person by his or her fruits (Mathew 7:20).

There is equality in Christ for humanity – meaning that God is not a racist, or sexist, or any other form of unjust discriminator. However, to say that all people are spiritually equal is not true. The reason all are not on the same spiritual plane is because of their heart condition.

Heart Conditions

Faith is a heart condition. Anger is also a heart condition. These conditions can be judged – or examined. With the natural eye in good working order, one may see the facial features, vestments, etc. of another person. God sees the heart and knows its spiritual condition.

The enemy is telling the body of faith that we should not – rather, we can not assess the heart condition of others because doing so is judging them. The ability to perceive the heart condition of man (or woman) is not judgment – it is a benefit of the Holy Spirit’s indwelling. If therefore (IF) we have the indwelling Holy Spirit, we can identify heart conditions. How? How does a doctor know where to begin narrowing the possible causes of your health condition? Symptoms. Likewise, spiritual heart conditions manifest in symptoms – these are called by God, fruits. There are both good and bad fruits, or symptoms of a heart condition. Read Matthew 7:18. Good heart conditions manifest in good fruits. Bad heart conditions manifest in bad fruits and erode good fruits – like a bad apple in the bunch. Heart conditions, like health conditions, can also change.

By this you may understand that the reason some eyes are blinded – after a spiritual heart attack: orchestrated by the quack doctor evil himself – Satan, is because of bad heart conditions. Why is it important to examine and heal (where needed) heart conditions? In the same way that a physical heart attack can damage the proper functioning of the natural body, negative, spiritual heart conditions such as jealousy and doubt can damage functions of the spiritual body.

ACTIVITY #6 – Your Heart Condition

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