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Shine: A Woman Of Purpose

Shine: A Woman of Purpose

Shine: A Woman of Purpose
by S. Renée Graham

Cultivate the fruit of the Holy Spirit in your life. When God presses upon us – whether by direct communication or divine inspiration, to come after Him afresh, He is showing His awesome character of mercy. He reminds us once again that He has promised to restore each one of us (Isaiah 43:25) when and if we who are called by His name do humble ourselves and pray. This book will help women discover and fulfill their God-given purpose.


Table of Contents

Author’s Note: This publication is in editing from the 2011 edition. I appreciate your patience while content and links are updating. Thank you for reading Shine: A Woman of Purpose.
About This Book

Title Page
Dedication & Acknowledgements
About The Author
Foreword (Part 1)
Foreword (Part 2)
Foreword (Part 3)
Foreword (Part 4)


Getting Started

Getting Started
Setting Your Goals
Writing Your Goal Statement
Begin Now
Be Part of The Solution
Make Every Day Count
A Prayer For You

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ONE – Tools For Your Purpose

Tools For Your Purpose
The Sword of The Spirit
A Habit of Prayer
The Fast Track
Money Matters
Bearing Armor
Your Purpose Journal
Your Elements Chart
Your Purpose Tree

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TWO – Becoming a Woman of Purpose

Becoming A Woman of Purpose
Salvation For Your Purpose
Forgiveness For Your Purpose
A Heart For Your Purpose
A Personality With Purpose
Faith For Your Purpose
Chosen For Your Purpose
Gifts For Your Purpose
Healing For Your Purpose
Love For Your Purpose
Joy For Your Purpose
Peace For Your Purpose
Patience For Your Purpose
Kindness For Your Purpose
Goodness For Your Purpose
Faithfulness For Your Purpose
Gentleness For Your Purpose
Temperance Your Purpose
Appendix AThirty-One Women Of Purpose
Appendix BAll The Women of The Bible
Appendix CDaily Bible Reading Plan
Appendix DRoyalty Free Song Catalog
Appendix ESelected Sermons
Appendix F – More Women’s Ministry Resources
Appendix G – Topical Teaching Helps


A Topics
B Topics
C Topics
D Topics
E Topics
F Topics
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H Topics
I Topics
J Topics
K Topics
L Topics
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