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Shine: A Woman Of Purpose

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(Part 3)

To all my sisters in the wilderness, I speak a word for you: the SON will SHINE for you.

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Your search for God is proof that He draws you to Him [12]; and if you are drawn, you are so for His purpose. You have gifts and talents that add to your uniqueness as an instrument designed to praise God. The creativity that wells up in your talents and causes you to bring forth new ideas, inventions, works of art and interest, is evidence of spirit of God’s hand in fashioning the awesome faculties of your creative mind. It is evidence that you are made in His likeness. God can also change your life, transforming your heart and mind to be more like His, in order to bring deliverance from and a standard against sin. Remember that there is more than one way to accomplish your purpose, though it is a certain destination. God is able to make all things work together for good as you love Him and are called according to His purpose [13].

Perhaps you have heard Him call or perceived His leading you to a higher calling in this life. Before you begin the lessons in this book, I encourage you to spend time in prayer. Thank God for your opportunity to grow with His guidance that has no place of blindness. Unlike the spaces behind a vehicle at angles when you cannot see the road whilst you are traveling, God is always proceeding with knowledge of all points from beginning to end. He will order your steps and show you a straight path when you are yielded to Him in sincerity. Even when you do not know what will happen next, you can safely trust in God’s omnipotence.

Whether you are walking in public service, or seeking God’s will for your next step, I pray that your mind will be open to receive what God intends for you. May your spiritual eyes be open to see God working in response to your efforts to become a better steward of his grace unto you; a more effective tool that He may put to good use for the work of His kingdom.

May you find encouragement and practical tools to help you grow as you make your journey on purpose, attending to the necessities of growth – which may not always be enjoyable, though they be profitable in their way as you pass each test. I claim by faith that you will develop your intimate relationship with Christ that will propel your efforts in effective ministry. I pray that God will richly bless you in the Holy Spirit! May you have clarity to rightly divide the word of truth as you study and pray with fervency.

May God anoint you and guard all works of righteousness in you, and all communication to you, from you, through you, around you, and concerning you. May your witness grow in effecting the hearts and minds of those you encounter, teaching and encouraging them to observe that which God has given you to impart. May God bless you and forever keep you in His care. I ask these blessings in Jesus’ Holy Name. Amen

– S. Renée GrahamHorizontal Rule / Light Gray


[12] John 6:44

[13] Romans 8:28Horizontal Rule / Light Gray