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Shine: A Woman Of Purpose

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Live on purpose.

Shine: A Woman of Purpose is a self-study course available from Wisdom Seekers Christian University Online (WiSeekU) at  wiseeku.wordpress.com. The book you are reading is the accompanying text for the course, offered as a supplement to your daily Bible learning. The reading, which is also available as an audiobook, is part of the Seeds of Promise devotional series: a collection of books, study helps, guides, seminars and music by the same author, designed to nurture people of faith. The expanding series will include tailored outreach materials to help the inspired witness and growing Christian congregations.

When combined, these tools comprise a powerful, Bible-based, learning system. From individual, personal growth studies to instructor-led courses and trainings on Christian leadership at various levels, incorporating the Seeds of Promise series helps create a memorable, enriching experience for every believer. The added music component is great for easy listening between lessons and renewing your mind of faith while traveling short or long distances.

We are assured and know that God being a partner in their labor] all things work together and are [fitting into a plan] for good to and for those who love God and are called according to [His] design and purpose. Romans 8:28 AMP

Though every person is born for a purpose, not every person is born knowing what his or her purpose is. And while God expects good behavior [41], your purpose is not simply to be a good person. Purpose is defined as the reason for which something is done or created, or for which something exists [42]. It is the guiding principle; the ruling order; the reason to which you default when there is a question of “why?”… why you put up with something, why you do a certain thing a certain way, why you choose to do or not to do this or that, etc.

The difference between you without knowledge of your purpose and you living to fulfill your purpose as you know it, is in effect the difference between average and extraordinary. God calls extraordinary women to be women of purpose. Yes, you can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth you[43]; AND through Christ you can also do greater things than He did when He walked the earth centuries ago [44]. Your purpose driven by the Spirit of God is a gift to you and the people you serve – those who benefit (are edified) by the gift of God working in you.

Having an “ordinary” job with mundane tasks for a thankless leader does not mean that you are not exceptional. In fact, the more extraordinary you are, the more likely you are to have a pharaoh in your life – someone or something designed to hinder you. But be of good courage. Giants do fall. The bigger they are, the harder they fall. And that thing built to buffet you is helping to shine your pear [45].

You may have heard the words purpose and destiny used interchangeably. Recall that purpose is a “reason” that trumps other considerations when and if a conflict arises. Your destiny is defined as the “events” that will necessarily happen to you in the future. From this vantage, you may see that your purpose or reason for every action you make or abstain from making, is a tool to manifest or bring you to the place where God intends for you to sow, reap, and grow in His master plan. As you do right things for the right reason, it will be counted to you as righteousness (right standing with God).

Harken diligently to fulfill your purpose and God will open doors for you. You do not need to force your way into where He wants you to be. Seek Him first and watch the doors open. Worship Him and watch the nay saying cease.  will not tell you that becoming a woman of purpose will be easy; that all you have to do is make a decision. The way of becoming anything is a process. So it is with this journey. You may have growing pains. You may have times of fear and uncertainty. You may as mentioned before, lose some you once called friends as they discover that your destiny is beyond their comfort zone.

God is not trying to make you regret having a family, a job, or a life outside of the church. He does want you to beware that you will need to work diligently to keep Him in a first place status when you have many things vying for your time. God calls people to purpose who are chasing after something. God knows your every ability; and to whom much is given, much is required [46]. When God calls you, get ready to work. He is an equal opportunity employer who knows exactly what you are capable of and has no limits in promoting whom He will.

Becoming a woman of purpose is not something you just decide to you. A woman of purpose is chosen for that position before ever she is formed in the womb [47]. She is endowed by her creator with certain unalienable talents. She is known in the gates of majesty before she ever steps into ministry. Her destiny is a prefix, not a chance ending. She is not an accident or a mistake. A woman of purpose is born for a purpose, with a purpose. A woman of purpose may not look like you want her to look, but God sees His daughter when He looks at her. Woman of purpose, you are royalty.

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How Knowing Your Purpose Effects You

Knowing your purpose enlightens your perception of everything else. It empowers you to be good at a higher level (to Shine: as A Woman of Purpose). Knowing your purpose affects your understanding of your relationship to your creator, God. It is this effected understanding that defines or adds value to the most important decision you will ever make: to serve God who sets before us the option to choose life [48]. We must choose life through Him. It is offered freely. He said, choose you this day whom you will serve – you cannot serve God and mammon (money or whatever is idolized). Only what you do for Christ will last. Lack of this understanding dilutes your ability to grow spiritually. To avoid having your faith become stagnant – halted and ineffectual, you must understand and acknowledge that God is your source. Just as it would be abnormal for an infant to never grow; God does not intend for you to begin and remain as a spiritual babe. Knowing your God-given purpose and fulfilling it is part of your spiritual rights of passage, through which you attain spiritual maturity. You must be a perpetual student of the Word of God and of His son. Reading the scriptures regularly, you see that the word is a living testimony. It imparts accounts of history. Still, you can read the same passage repeatedly and receive a new revelation through the Holt Spirit. Though God says He is the same always, and He changes not [49], there is so much knowledge and power in His infinite wisdom that you could not know it all in one lifetime. Thus, we can never stop learning. And the Holy Spirit will bring all things to our remembrance when needed. . Knowing your purpose enables to you become who you were born to be. It girds your mind to make choices that propel, rather than derail your efforts to become a woman of purpose. Thus, knowing your purpose is a key to many doors; but you must engage the key. You have the power to make becoming a woman of purpose a priority in your life. Think of it as a prescribed action, prescribed by Doctor Jesus. . Although God wants His children to fulfill their designed purpose, He will not force you to open doors. Rather, He will provide opportunities for you to find your purpose, and to use the key you have been given. This element of choice is the reason why some people live a lifetime and never fulfill their purpose. You can choose not to turn the key, or you can choose to open a door to becoming a new you.

One cannot do at the highest level, what you are here (in humanity) to do, if you do not know who you are in relationship to God. At best, you will stumble into some path(s) meant for you; however, your time spent there will be different without knowledge of your purpose. Not knowing your purpose is like floating in a ship without a sail. You can stay adrift if you choose to – so long as the sea is not tempestuous. Not knowing your purpose is a sure way to face a storm. The winds of change can blow in any direction. However, when you have no sail, you will have trouble guiding your vessel and staying on course. You may not reach the right destination – the one appointed by God if you do not know your purpose – it is like identifying the course you should be traveling. It is a

road map and a guide. Christ is the sail on your purpose ship. He will direct you through wind and storm. . Knowing that God can restore us from our shortcomings is not a point at which to stand in nonchalance. Rather, that we may have confidence and not fear in facing the challenges that come, knowing that God is our rearward – always watching. When we face a crossroad then, we should the more fully rely on God for His direction. . Not knowing your purpose does not mean that you are necessarily in sin. You could be; but a lack of knowledge of your purpose is not the definition of sin. While you may not currently be in sin, you must always be on guard against it. . The word says that Satan could fool even the elect, if it were possible. Not knowing your purpose could have dire consequences because not behaving in harmony with your purpose is a good way to get into spiritual trouble. Not knowing your purpose is akin to spiritual unrest. A spirit in unrest is a magnet for sin. For this cause, make your purpose journey a daily ambition.

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Do What It takes

The thought of truly discovering something about ourselves is sometimes scary because then we have to make informed choices. Knowledge requires action and behavior in terms of our knowledge. Some people have not found their calling because they do not want to change the person they already are. Once we know our purpose, we have to accept the responsibility of knowing. If you learn that you are gifted for missions, you have to stop avoiding mission work and start getting involved in the program.

If you have thought about it, but never really searched for the answer, knowing your purpose may be as close as preparing yourself for the answer. If you have heart conditions (unhealthy habits, emotions, or thought processes) that need dissolution, these can hinder you from doing the work it will take to improve your character and perfect your intentions that you will do the right things for the right reasons. Not addressing these conditions can hinder not only you, yet also others who are destined to benefit from your ministry, people who love and support you, and people who depend upon you to be the hands and feet of God’s will according to what He has called you to perform. If you truly hunger for God, He will reveal Himself and His will for your life. It is a basic principle of the true and living God, if you are willing to receive it.

While salvation is free, holiness may cost you your old lifestyle and sin baggage. You may not frequent the same places you used to go. Your vocabulary may change. Your actions may be different. Finding your purpose may require getting out of your comfort zone. You may have to face painful truths. You may have to do some soul searching, which may take some time. Sometimes, becoming a woman of purpose is emotionally painful. You may have to cry. Remember that God can dry tears. Go through the process. Prolonging your journey may temporarily ease your pain; but you will also delay the blessing of God. He is waiting for you to do what it takes. My purpose is to tell you mother, sister, daughter… you can make it.

Do what it takes. Press for the mark for the prize of the high calling in Jesus Christ [50]. The sooner you do this, the sooner you can work on learning to use your gifts. God will not dwell in an unclean temple. Sanctification is necessary before you can be effective in your purpose. If you are already close to your true calling, you may find the answer sooner than you think, or this could be the longest road you have traveled. Whatever your unique experience requires, you will be better for having taken it.

You need not be rewarded of mankind. Sometimes, your work may go unheralded, without so much as a thank you; but God sees all. When you fast and pray in secret, and do give alms not for the praise of men, God rewards you openly [51].

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Keep An Open Mind

While Christ was born about 4 B.C., this does not mean we have to use only ancient methods to effect His will. God can reveal the best path for you. Making some changes to accomplish positive results is good for the mission so long as these changes do not compromise the truth and they are effective for the right purpose. Beware of change with the wrong intent. Perhaps not every area of your life will need to be overhauled in your quest to become a woman of purpose. Perhaps you were on the right path before ever reading this book. Wherever you are in your journey, seek  God for His instruction on how to build your spiritual habitation.

God calls people from all walks of life – across borders, both famous and infamous. Do not be content to be who you were if you find that who God wants you to become is someone greater. If it seems you have tried everything else, yet you have not found your niche, maybe it is time for a God encounter. There is both a spiritual and a natural you. The natural you must be in subjection to the spirit. Your spiritual self must follow the leadership of the Holy Spirit from God.

The Apostle Paul – whose name was Saul, met God on the road to Damascus. He had what you could call, an encounter of the God kind [52]. Paul’s conversion was not in word only. He did not cease from that day to perform the work God “hired” him to do. Remember that the Lord knows them that are His own, who do His will and effect discipleship by teaching others the way as they do live righteousness from day to day.

God is looking for faithful teachers. Teaching is a form of harvesting the field of souls. People who are ready to become disciples of Christ are among those “ripe” for the harvest [53].

Despite many true accounts of struggle, we see that in this land of the free, many people are yet walking around bound in their souls. Many youths who want to know their purpose in life are finding false answers in dangerous company causing them to live down in sin rather than living up to their potential. They want to find meaning in their tribulations that will help them to overcome. If you have been through something and are now firmly planted on the Lord’s side [54], your testimony could be the one that someone else needs to hear to believe. In this way, your success in becoming a woman of purpose is important to you and others in Zion.

You can find the meaning you are looking for after an encounter with God. Read what Paul said in Acts 26:12-18. God calls those whom He has changed to be living epistles, read of men [55]. Satan desires you to remain asleep while he discourages the world from following after God. You may not know whom God intends for you to help lead out of darkness. If you do not take the challenge, some people may remain lost for another season, but God will ultimately replace an unwilling servant. Do not be that one. I have been that one – it is no way to live. The Lord Almighty wants to awaken you; to quicken you; to bring you into the knowledge of His gift of eternal life. He chose you for a specific task in the kingdom.

You may never have walked the road to Damascus. Yet, you may have met God at the corner of yesterday and despair. If so, today you have a testimony; you are not alone; and one way to overcome the darkness of things past is to walk in the light today, sharing your testimony of redemption. The book of Revelation lets us know that those who believe overcome the evil one by the blood of the lamb, and by the word of their testimony [56].

When you are ready to begin, review the Goal Statement in the next section. Start with this example or create one of your own. The world needs what God has placed within you for His purpose. God bless you as you become a woman of purpose.

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