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Shine: A Woman Of Purpose

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Step into your purpose.

Whilst you develop a closer walk with God, you will add new revelations of His grace to your daily walk. Having a close relationship with God is a treasure and an honor. There is no closer friend, no greater comforter, and no higher reward.

Your divine purpose breathes in your relationship to The Almighty God as your creator, source, and strength [14]. Without this relationship, you choke your destiny in limiting access to oxygen of the Holy Spirit. As a seed must be planted, watered, and transformed, so must your relationship with God be cultivated in order to fulfill your purpose. I beseech you, take this employ joyfully as your Heavenly Father is glorified in your labors of love toward Him, which He will not let go unrequited [15]; and when you serve Him cheerfully, you are ensured of His love [16].

Through nurturing your relationship with God, you become a conduit of His grace. You learn to receive and conduct the same into the lives of others, fulfilling the law of Christ that you bear one another’s burdens [17] (develop the habit of casting your cares on Christ who cares for you each [18]; that you may instinctively also cast upon Him the cares that are cast to you (for there are those who know not where to carry their burdens and you may thus model the will of God to their understanding that they may learn to also cast on Him their cares directly)).

Your relationship with God is meant to preside over all else. When this relationship is preeminent, it elevates every other connection that should be. Moreover, connections that should not be will either fade away or be transformed when your resistance is to transgression [19] and your yielding [20] is to His perfect and divine will. Therefore, as your metamorphosis progresses and you begin to emerge more clearly in His image, your circle of friends may change. Your lifestyle and communication may change. Do not fear change. Change that recalibrates your steps that you may be conformed to the image of Christ is a necessary part [21] of fulfilling your purpose. If you resist this type of change, you will prolong cycles that may have come to pass (and not to stay – meaning that they would otherwise have been temporary and short-lived) until you decide to let go and let God have His way.

This is the circle of life. When you function in your role as God intended, you empower yourself and others to attain eternal life. You become a profitable servant. Unless God shows you the end from the beginning, His plan is larger than what you can see right now. He always uses a kingpin. Your role in the grand design could be one cog turning in a desert; and that would be no state of insignificance. Remember that God took one man in the wilderness, and delivered a people from an oppression that had lasted four hundred years [22]. He also took one woman from a wall and built a bridge to eternal life [23]. “Do not despise the day of small beginnings [24].” You are significant. You matter to God. Anything contrary to His WORD is not from Him. Strengthening your relationship with Him will expose the elements that have been placed to poison your purpose. Be strong and courageous. Inject every situation with the water of the WORD let God’s will become clear.

Beware of a weak relationship that breeds lukewarm persuasion of your commitment to the Great Commission [25]. Such a relationship often leaves faith in a questionable state of withering root and root and branch, though the vine be sufficient in provision [26]. Though you may believe that God IS [in existence], without relationship, it becomes increasingly difficult to believe that God IS FOR YOU; and this belief is a pivotal affirmation as it is the premise to divine protection, which you will need to bear holy armor [27] – which you need to stand still as well as to fight. You fight the good fight of faith [28]; and you stand still to see the salvation (victory) of the LORD [29].

A strong relationship with God is a place of refuge in time of trouble, and a solid rock on which to build a life of “doing good ” [30] (which is the employ of ministry). The strength of that relationship will give you courage to resist negative cycles and take note of unprofitable patterns if and where they exist, in order to make choices that are conducive to progressive change.

A weak relationship is a sandy foundation. When winds of change blow, a weak relationship leaves one clinging to the nearest structure, however unstable. When there is turmoil in life, unstable structures are usually at close range. Their proximity does not equate to ability to counter your weight and lift you out of trouble. When seas are raging in your life, you need confidence to reach into the dimension of the Everlasting Prince of Peace [31] and speak the Words, “Peace. Be still” [32]. God is the authority by which the storm must cease. A strong relationship with Him gives you the holy boldness to walk in victory and knock the devil out.

God has designed you to have His Spirit as your core element. Your life is a cycle that is meant to intersect His divine will, then merge into it to become one path. No longer will you search to the right or left for God’s way; but you will walk in the way from faith to faith and glory to glory[33]. This is how you walk in the center of His will. Moving to the right or left changes the axis of your universe and puts you at risk of falling out of balance. If you ever you feel that life is spinning out of control, check your axis and avoid distractions.

Developing your spiritual gifts is a way to focus your purposeful calling and keep costly distractions at bay. If you can be significantly distracted from your purpose, you may even busy yourself with religiosity and still have purpose unfulfilled. You can unwittingly sustain a holding pattern of not engaging your gifts though you may tire yourself daily, by expending your energies on things external to God’s will. Learn to recognize detours from the way you should go. Stay on track by course correcting as does a pilot to keep a plane on course. Anything that does not draw you closer to God, and or help you to maintain your communication with Him, is a potential distraction that can lead you to lost time and stagnant progress.

Do not be timid in shedding carnality for the mind of Christ [34]. You can take every course in a university and not know the things of God – whose ways are not the ways of man and whose thoughts are high above all [35]. The wisdom you need to fulfill your God-given purpose is something you get from the Holy Spirit [36] – which has conductors – or elements through which it flows and can be revealed to you: principally, your direct uplink via the spirit God placed within you (the living soul) – which occurrence may be called, “divine revelation” [37]; through Godly communications from other people and messengers of God (as with the Angel of the Lord, or the Angel Gabriel; and through the Word of God.

Jesus explained the parables to the disciples when they were away from the masses. You might say this was the first leadership institute. Understand though that you need not have “Dr.” behind your name to walk in the revelatory wisdom and knowledge of God. It is written that the Holy Spirit shall teach you all things [38]; and His instruction is not dependent upon the faculties of any other being. God can do anything required, all by Himself. We the people, are the ones who need to be supplemented by Him.

With an unction from the Holy Spirit, you can know all things as the Spirit gives knowledge[39]. The closer you get to being the woman God wants you to be, the more your spiritual eyes will be opened to see how God is and has been working in your life from the beginning, even before you had the desire to seek Him; and that is the purpose of this book: it is to help you seek God first [40] and afresh to get in line with His will and fulfill your purpose in His service, because when God calls a woman to His work, He does it not only to fulfill her, yet also to fulfill some need(s) in his own spiritual body for which He gave His own life, even the Church.

Prayerfully ask God what your purpose is while you are studying and listening for His will. Depending on where you are in your walk with Him, He may just tell you right now. Do not be discouraged however, if you must experience seed, time and harvest before your purpose is revealed. The seed in this case is your submission to God. There may be some work for you to do in personal development, which will take some time. Then, when you are ready, God will give the harvest, which is when you know and walk in what He is calling you to do.

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