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Take Me To The King: A Forty-Day Consecration Journal is a journey guide. Whilst you develop a closer walk with God, you will add new revelations of His grace to your daily walk. Having a close relationship with God is a treasure and an honor. There is no closer friend, no greater comforter, and no higher reward. As you read this book and complete the daily challenges, I pray that the Lord will richly bless you with gifts from heaven that only He can provide. As you draw nearer to God, may He encamp His angels around you and walk with you from day to day, showing His divine care and demonstrating His power.

May He continue to carry you when you are weak, nurture you to wholeness, cry with you, laugh with you, encourage your heart, and teach you how to abound. May every wound be healed, and your mind be renewed. May your heart lose fear and gain faith. May you grow in love toward Him, because He cares for you.

May God touch your heart as you learn and grow in the art of daily devotion. May His Spirit guide and speak to you and reveal to you the plans that He has for your life (Jeremiah 29:11), that your hope and joy will be full. May you embrace His will and be emboldened to follow after Him with your whole heart. May your questions be answered according to His will. May you understand His love for you in a personal way, and overcome any obstacle(s) that hinder(s) you from going to His throne of grace. May you find what you need to grow. May you be watered with His anointing.

May God bring His true servants to your path, to help you on your journey, to bring you courage, friendship, and a good example. May you meet the Holy Spirit in a new way – to bear your every burden and keep you in a straight path, full of wisdom and strengthening you in you every virtue. When you have received of the Lord, may you be a light to others, steadfast in the faith, nothing wavering, keeping your eyes on Christ.

As you commune with the King more and more, may your offering be pure and acceptable in His sight. I pray that you will do the work that is required to maintain your closer walk with God. May you find fulfillment in worshiping Him. May your heart be open to receive The power of God in your life. May you stand on His promises and enjoy the journey.

These and other blessings I pray for you in Jesus’ Holy Name,


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