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Welcome to Day 1 of this forty-day consecration journal. It is called more rightly a journal than a book, because it is being written day-by-day. Hence, the table of contents is more of a plan than a solid content and may change in process of the goals herein. The focus of this day is prayer. It is not to say that this is the only day that there will be prayer. It is a skill that will be researched and beheld and utilized, followed by a new skill each of seven days, until a toolbox is filled with good tools.

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May God bless you on your journey to the King.

Good Morning

Morning Prayer –  The first prayer of this journey is a prayer for you.

Morning Prayer Theme: Teach me how to pray. You have heard it said, “Different strokes for different folks.” You may never have applied it to prayer. It may have seemed that every person, however unique, was the same in this regard. But it is not so. When we learn to love God, we each have a love language toward Him. It does not mean that every time you pray, you will be speaking in an unknown tongue. But God understands us each individually in the way that we communicate with Him. Maybe you speak Japanese, or French, or Italian, or English, or Swahili, but God is not confused. Maybe your love language is not even spoken.

I once prayed, “Father, teach me how to pray. Sometimes I get tongue-tied. I try to say something dynamic, something for someone else to hear. But this is not a solemn prayer. I sometimes have difficulty expressing myself in speech. Writing is a second language that I learned last and better than speaking (in a sense, because I do not have perfect grammar and often rely on poetic license). Is there a difference between a prayer in word and a prayer in written word? When I open my mouth, sometimes the only thing I hear is silence. Is the pen truly mighty? When I sit to compose, it takes only a moment, before the page is full. I believe you hear me in my own language. This is my other tongue. I have in time past been shunned, for not fitting the mold. I don’t know how to be but who I am. I have tried to do things their way, but in those times, my armor is unfitted, like David with a foreign sword. You did not raise him in a battlefield, but in the meadows, by the brooks, a keeper of the sheep.  Am I less a Shepherd if my teacher is not seen? David had a sling and stones, but he was no less a marksman. He had a testimony. He came before Goliath in your name. So in your name I come [with the written word].”
When we have a problem, we can sometimes lose sight of  the fact that though we come to the throne of grace today, we have a history with God (Jeremiah 1:5). He has a history with us (Genesis 5:2). He said that he would not remember our repented sins (Isaiah 43:25, Hebrews 8:12, 10:17). He never said he would forget us – our labor of love toward Him, our love of the brethren and sisters, our bitter tears when we stand in need and there is a crowd in our way, threatening to keep us from reaching the King. The world may glamourize our struggle, and try to re-ink our stains, but God is working that we may be washed (Ezekiel 36:25), and that we may overcome (Romans 12:21, John 16:33, 1 John 4:4, I John 5:5).

He that overcometh, the same shall be clothed in white raiment; and I will not blot out his name out of the book of life, but I will confess his name before my Father, and before his angels. Revelation 3:5

Morning Devotional

Scripture Basis: Mark 5:25, Matthew 9:20, Luke 8:43

Memory Verse: Mark 5:34 – “And he said unto her, Daughter, thy faith hath made thee whole; go in peace, and be whole of thy plague.”

Morning Journal – This morning’s journal is driven by the question of what inspired this entire process. Read Why This Book? God knows our struggle, when we are desperate for a breakthrough. He sees our every effort toward Him, and knows when we have touched His garment.

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