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When we pray, give us Lord our daily bread, we often think of food meet for our natural bodies. The body is the temple that we must cleanse and maintain. For the next seven days however, we will go beyond the food and drink that sustains the outer shell, and look to God to nourish the soul within us. Without His divine manna, we become weak. The more we feast at His table, the stronger we grow.

The goal for the next nine days is to sincerely turn a searchlight on self – not others, to find anything that is unbecoming to a relationship with God. Everyone has a past – whether good, bad, or both. The purpose of this searching is not leave you in an unshakeable guilt. God does not intend for people to wallow and be overcome of reliving past mistakes – even in thought only, to perpetually torture the soul. Such a life would border on madness. He does not desire that we perish with woes. Throughout this week, we will throw out a lifeline to our heart and declare that the storm is passing over. We will pull off the old nature and build ourselves up in the most holy faith.

This week, we will ask God’s light into our dark places if there be any.

At various points through this and the following weeks, tears may fill your Spirit – tears of joy, and tears of growing pains. Do not be weary of crying even when you feel weakness leaving you. The Word declares that though weeping may endure for a night, joy comes in the morning (Psalm 30:5). Tears cleanse the spirit and prepare you for the next level. Whomever you are now, it is the culmination of many layers of existence. If your closeness to God is not immediately at the root, you will have to break up some fallow ground in order obtain that closeness. It is something that will change your life; something that should not put off for a “better” time.

Many people find that their best communication with God is when they look to Him at their first rising in the morning. Doing so sets the tone for your entire day. You can go through whatever comes knowing that you have given God the first fruits of your time. Throughout this guide, we will keep a daily pattern (agenda). Through this focused repetition, we will develop habits to keep us ever before the throne of God. We will grow past the hidden obstacles in our lives and allow God to work with us as clay.

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