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Before beginning this journal, I had come out of a very dark time in my life. Through it all, God showed me that there is no darkness that he cannot invade and shine into if we open the curtain of our heart and look beyond our faults to see His power. When you have much fault, the enemy wants  you to feel enveloped in darkness – abandoned and alone. He will stir up whomever can be bribed to add insult to your injury.

When you think that you are standing on your own in the face of that Goliath without even the sight of day, that is when the enemy will assume your demise. But the presence of God destroys darkness. He is a lamp to the feet, a light to the path, and an ever-present help in trouble. My Daddy told me, that our Ancestors said, “You are never alone. You have never been alone. And you can never be alone.” When you remember that God will never leave you alone, you start to wake up to the mystery. That dark glass gets clear. 

You understand that the work of the enemy is just an illusion. He will offer you a diamond but won’t have it appraised, because he knows it will be found to be fake. But the true God says, “prove me. “Prove me now and see… (Malachi 3:10).  The enemy has a smoke screen and a flash of what could be if you fall; but God knows your future. God has a lighthouse and a living Word. He is a tower of refuge to all who seek after Him. He can reach into your darkness and bring you out of depression, out of the sick room, out of debt, and out of trouble.

I have been there where depression hurts. I have had everything stolen but the soles on my feet. I have seen people go to great lengths to make feel gnat-feet tall. I have been lost in a world of tribulation; and it was mostly my fault. But in the midst of tears, I still lift my eyes to the hills from whence cometh my help. My help comes from the Lord who made heaven and earth. So you may be wise beyond the pages of this book – written by inspiration, but through a broken vessel. And that’s okay. Because God knows there is somebody who will say, “I surrender all”; and “Take me to the King.”

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