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Remember to consult your licensed physician before beginning any fasting regimen. Follow your licensed physician’s recommendations.

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My Fast Track Agenda

Fast Forward: Day 1


Today, you will establish a daily agenda with morning, noon, and evening requisites to organize your efforts and manage your time wisely.

Morning Praise & Worship

Holy Spirit fill me. Holy Spirit feed me. Fill me with your Spirit, Lord.

Morning Devotional Reading

« Read II Chronicles 7

Memory Verse

If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land. II Chronicles 7:14

Introduction to Fasting (Part 2) – Types of Fasting

Abstention from food is a central focus of Biblical fasting. However, the Bible was written during a time when there was no cable television, video games, or other modern amenities. Fasting does not have to be limited to food, and in fact should be expanded to other elements in your life if there is anything that draws your attention to the point of distraction from your purpose. Watching television on one evening in an entire month for fifteen minutes is probably not going to change your life extremely [*but of course it is not impossible].

However, if you are proverbially glued to the television, or to any other activity so much that you do not relate or are simply never available to interact with your family and friends, or to communicate with your Creator, then you might want to pull the plug [on the TV]. Even religious activity with no temperance can be detrimental to your relationships. Though you may be a very spiritual person, you should not be “too holy” to minister time to people who need God just as much as you do. He saves souls that they may minister to His body – the body of Christ – which is a family of people. When you are delivered, you are to help others [5].

There are five types of fast that you encounter in Biblical text:

  • Absolute Fast. An absolute fast is rare for prolonged periods as the body can medically sustain only about three days without food or water, except in the case of supernatural intervention. Jesus fasted forty days and nights before being tempted in the wilderness [6].
  • Partial Fast. A partial fast is one in which you omit certain foods on a schedule such as every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.
  • Rational Fast. A rational fast is one in which you eliminate various families of food such as all meats, or all dairy. This type of fast is also called the Daniel’s fast according to Daniel 10:1-21.
  • Normal Fast. A normal fast is one of a length of time where you consume only water for the natural body. This is the most common fast, lasting no more than three consecutive days.
  • The 21-Day Daniel’s Fast. 21 days is the period of victory over Heavenly Principalities which work to stop the prayers of God’s people.
  • A Sixth type of fast is the 31 Woman Fast. A regimen I developed as part of the 31 Women Ministries Wellness Program. On each of 31 days, pray about the manifestation of the verses of Proverbs 31:10-31 in your life. The 31-Woman Consecration Fast Track is part of my wellness plan.

My Day 1 Fast Track Journal

Use the following journal prompt to help you reflect on the principles and concepts presented today. Write your response/reaction to the journal topic. Optionally, you can submit the form below to have our journal considered for sharing with our readers. Submissions must be relevant to today’s readings and appropriate for our audience.