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Introduction to The Heir Force Inc. DEVOTIONAL Affirmations Journal

Daily Content Overview

Each day, this pivotal resource includes standard elements (Daily Content) that guide you in cultivating the power of God in your life. Daily content includes the following elements:

Thematic Focus

The daily theme sets the tone for the entire day. It is presented in the form of an introduction, such as, “Hello, my name is Victory,” with “victory” being the theme for the day.

Scripture Basis

Major Bible verse(s) related to the theme and content presented in the morning, mid-day, or evening devotional.

Memory Verse(s)

A verse or verses that summarize the learning goal(s) of the morning, mid-day, or evening devotionals. In other words, this is what you should take with you from the daily theme, to remind you of the day’s lessons.

Prayer Point

The words of a prayer from the Bible, or the author. This element is to help jump-start your prayer life. Repeat the words of the printed prayer, and or say a prayer of your own. These prayers are not meant to replace your creative communication with God. They are to get you started in the case that you genuinely make an effort to pray, yet have some difficulty getting started. Use the printed prayers to give you a boost until you can rev up your prayer engine without them.

Running Praise

Each morning, you will pray about something afflicting your heart or challenging someone you know. This is the proper response to what ails us within; and when we are merry, we should sing [[1]]. Singing is an extended smile — it gives us endorphins that make us feel comforted, less pain, and fewer stress effects. Running praise is like a medley. Keep the songs going, one after the other, or put your favorite song on repeat, in your heart. Running praise is also named for how it makes your spirit feel lighter. You may want to run on with Jesus a little while longer when you use this technique to put wings to your running shoes [[2]].

Daily Affirmation

The daily affirmation is a positive statement related to the daily theme. The affirmation is in the form of an “I” statement, such as, “I Am Joyful.” These statements are to empower you to claim a positive effect in your life by faith. Read the affirmations aloud. If possible. Incorporate the affirmation into your morning hygiene ritual. Looking in the mirror, repeat the words of the affirmation to yourself aloud. Smile as you are talking. Studies show that we recall more of what is learned when the information is attached to an emotion. Smiling will help release endorphins as you associate smiling (an indication of happiness) with the affirmations of good for your life.

Beginning your affirmation with “I Am” calls the LORD to intervene in creating what follows that prefix in your spirit. This is why you should avoid following I Am with anything that is a negative trait. Think about it, if you constantly say, you are broke, you will likely find wealth difficult to hold on to, even if you receive it; because you are “asking” for the opposite regularly. Start confessing, I AM in an abundance of everything I need. Then you can confess, I have enough to share. God will get more to you when HE can get more through you – to others who are in need.

Apply Within

A daily activity to help you take an inventory of yourself. You do not have to share this checkpoint. However, it could be a useful tool if you are participating in resources such as counseling or therapy. Complete this activity along with your daily devotional journal or as often as would like to review your progress.

My Journal

Each devotional affirmation theme concludes with a journal topic to help you reflect on principles and concepts presented in the corresponding day. Write your response/reaction to the journal topic. A downloadable journal page is linked for your convenience.