The TENTH Devotional Journal

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At 18, The TENTH Author, Shenica Graham was in a car wreck. Her car went off the road backward at 70 miles per hour after exiting a flat spin in the center of the Interstate highway. She took her hands off the wheel as the car spun down the road and she could only say, “Mercy.” The car hit a tree – and that is just one point in her life of miracles.

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About The Author

Shenica R. Graham is author of The TENTH Devotional Series including this journal and its companion workbook.

Shenica holds two BA degrees and is a lifelong learner, continuing to further her education in music, web development, theology, and business. She is the Founder of Heir Force Ministries, Creative Director of GSyndicates Media, and author of several books in publishing.

Born in Long Beach, CA, Shenica has traveled the world including much of the U.S. and some parts of Europe. A prolific writer, her style speaks to the reader, empowering the overcoming spirit with a strong witness. Her music infuses the sound of grace. A powerful voice, she has been called the Black Moses of Her Generation.

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