The TENTH Devotional Journal

Prayer Point Card #1

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The TENTH Devotional Journal, Day 1
LORD, I Am Available To You

Day 1 Prayer Point


Pray the following prayer or one of your own.

Thank you, God, for your grace, mercy, and love! I pray right now that you ARE and will be the LORD of my life. I surrender my plans to you. I repent of everything not like you. Forgive me, LORD. Save me. Speak to me. Show me you. Lead my steps and order my thoughts to focus on you. Renew my mind and transform me. Teach me how to prioritize the time that you give me.

Holy Spirit, make me sensitive to your movements. Let me recognize when you are working. Let me understand when you are speaking. Give me a sound mind to know you. Create in me a clean heart. Thank you, God, for supplying all of my needs. Thank you for deliverance from every sinful nature and for bringing me to your atmosphere of heaven on earth. I praise you, LORD. You are King of kings and LORD of LORDS.

Reveal your purpose for me in you. Holy Spirit counsel me. Teach me in the ways of the Almighty God. Let me live a life that will make you say to me, “Well done, thy good and faithful servant.“ Holy Spirit, break any and every yoke of bondage in my life. Open the eyes of my heart to see your promise for my future. Expose the enemy’s decrees and cancel his assignments against my purpose. Show me your truth that I might be truly free.

Pour out your Spirit in my life. Grant me peace and joy. Give me the grace to identify ways in which I can be available to you. Set my feet to walk a straight path toward you. Keep me in your will. Guard me against wrong influences and negative thinking. Let my heart be free from unforgiveness, malice, strife, envy, and judgment. Let me be rather full of your grace, love, and forgiveness. Let me see the good in others as a reflection of you within me.

Let me put you first in everything and trust in your unfailing love. Let me be a conduit of your power to bring peace and joy to my family, my community, my nation, and the world. In JESUS’ name, AMEN.

References to “prayer points” throughout this book are a response to what we experience in life as “pressure points.”

pressure point definition

Pressure points are people, places, things, and experiences that cause stress in our lives. Certain stress relievers are harmful to us and to others. Prayer points are pressure valves that allow us to relieve stress without damaging our vessel of praise. Prayer points are pressure release valves that allow us to relieve stress without damaging our vessel of praise and worship.

Stress Buster #1 – When you feel a pressure point such as debilitating stress, think of an honest observation of what is causing this emotional response. If you can, write it down in the form of an end-process statement (e.g., “This attack on my peace is over.”). Then, immediately pray for a strategy to overcome this stressor. Just relaxing is not good enough when that same stressor can come to you again in the same way. If you pray for a strategy and follow-through, you may face that stressor again, but it will not have the same negative effect because of your managed reaction – this is called a coping skill.

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