The TENTH Devotional Journal

Stress Buster #1:
Pressure Points

When you feel a pressure point such as debilitating stress, think of an honest observation of what is causing this emotional response. If you can, write it down in the form of an end-process statement (e.g., “This attack on my peace is over.”). Then, immediately pray for a strategy to overcome this stressor. Just relaxing is not good enough when that same stressor can come to you again in the same way. If you pray for a strategy and follow through, you may face that stressor again, but it will not have the same negative effect because of your managed reaction – this is called a coping skill.

The TENTH Devotional Journal, Day 1
LORD, I Am Available To You

Day 1 Prayer Point continued…


Maybe you already have stress busters that work for you. But, humbly, openly, and transparently [can I say that], even in my forties before writing this book, I did not know how to handle stress; and I had a lot of stressors. I was an abuse survivor, a divorcee, a single mother. I was suffering from chronic panic attacks – up to six per day with some lasting five hours at a time. I could not work. I could not even leave home. I had PTSD, Major Depression, and Schizophrenic Bipolar Disorder. I could not sleep through the night. I was agoraphobic and germophobic. I was afraid of everything, even the unknown.

I can honestly say it took the prayers of the Saints to bring me out of this darkness and into the darkroom – where I am now developing. Prayer is a game changer. Any recovery strategy – no matter what the ailment, or the addiction, or the twelfth step, needs the power of prayer.

The Holy Spirit is key to transitioning from the darkness and wilderness of sin and a world of emotional traumas (that may or may not have resulted from physical traumas), through the darkroom where God develops your character and coping skills, and prepares you for His calling on your life, to the light of living your purpose in Him.

You have to ask the Holy Spirit’s presence into your heart. Only this light turned inward can show you in love, the things in you that need to be removed or changed to conform to the heart of God instead of the world. This process is how your mind is renewed. When you pray and ask for the Holy Spirit’s help, then, when you read the Bible, you can have understanding. When you fast and consecrate yourself, you can do it with purpose. When you face situations, you can have wisdom.

Prayer with tears is a major stress reliever because it is both an emotional and a physical release at the same time. Tears help to cleanse your spirit, and prayer helps to strengthen you by carrying your weaknesses to God and allowing Him to be your strength. Prayer is not only for asking for things. However, you should understand that it is God that gives you the power to increase (not people(, thus, your first seeking activity should always be directed toward God. Prayer is also for worship. Praying with God is communicating with Him.

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