The TENTH Devotional Journal

Prayer Point Card #1

The TENTH Devotional Journal, Day 1
LORD, I Am Available To You

Day 1 Prayer Point continued…


Worship is putting your time and energy into something, with the acknowledgment of that source as your primary stream of being. Psalm 100 tells you how to enter into the realm of worship – with thanksgiving and praise, blessing God’s holy name. If there are situations and circumstances in your life that cause you stress and distress, these are your pressure points. Pressure points can cut off your spiritual bloodline, which is your worship. When you find yourself spending less and less time in worship, recognize that something is impeding your flow from God and flow to God. You need to release some pressure. The proper way to handle this situation is to identify the pressure point and apply the power of prayer to get the worship flowing again. Turn your pressure points into prayer points.

Prayer Point Cards

Beginning today, I will offer you a prayer card that you can download and print. You might use it as a bookmark and remind yourself to pray during quiet time. Each day going forward will also include a general prayer like the one at the start of this chapter, with a particular focus to help you if needed. These are printed sections of prayers that I have prayed.

You can print these cards and read them until you feel inspired to say words from your creative spirit. You can share these prayer cards with others. Just write a little note on the back and say, “I’m praying with you.” Be creative. Prayer is that important.

Remember that you must apply faith to the words, and understand that not all answers manifest immediately. Do not stop praying because you do not see what you think is a miracle next week. In fact, every day is a miracle, because you lived to see another day.

The Prayer Point Cards in this book are from me to you. Click each card for an enlarged view. You may also download and or print the cards.

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