The TENTH Devotional Journal

The TENTH Devotional Journal, Day 1
LORD, I Am Available To You

Day 1 – Spotlight continued…


The struggle in the world right now is finding time to give the LORD our full attention the way HIS Generals did and do. God is calling for a tenth of all our increase. Think about it, when HE wakes you up to a new day that you have never seen before, that is an increase, over and above the time that you had yesterday, a day that was not promised to you. GOD does ask for a tenth of your treasure, but your most valuable asset is not your money. There are many instances of people who have gone from rags to riches in a lifetime.

Money – if you lose it, can actually be replaced. However, the very breath you breathe in this second of your life is a one-time-only gift from GOD. HE gives billions of people 24 hours every day. That’s sixty (60) times twenty-four (24), or one-thousand four-hundred forty (1,440) minutes, which is multiplied by another sixty (60), for eighty-six thousand four-hundred (86,400) seconds! Many of us are consistent financial tithers, and GOD promises a blessing for that.

What would happen if you gave GOD a tenth of ALL of your increase – a tenth of your time (to pray, worship Him, and study this faith that you need so much), a tenth of your talents (to volunteer your holy self to serve someone else or devote your GOD given talents and or learned skills to further the Kingdom of HIS glory), a tenth of your VISION (to sow life into something that GOD gave someone else to do, to encourage them with your measure of faith by helping them stay on course and believe in the promise). Just, what if?

Do you think you are too busy to give GOD a tenth of your time? That is the goal of the enemy – to busy you so much that you believe you cannot give GOD your most valuable time. Did you know that God can accomplish more in a tenth of your day than you can do all day long? He has billions of people on this earth, all over the world. You are one person. Maybe you go to work early in the morning and work until late at night. How will you adjust your schedule enough to block out two hours and forty minutes?

The Bible says to pray without ceasing and to keep a song in your heart continually. The Holy Spirit will bring music to your heart when you let HIM take over your spirit. The WORD of GOD will be brought to your mind when you have written it on the table of your heart. Believe it or not, God has empowered you to give HIM the tenth of your time because HE wants to spend time with you. I challenge you: rather than assume you can’t do it, just try it.

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