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365 Devotionals: Desert Wanderings

But be ye doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving your own selves. James 1:22 AMP

The Seeds of Promise Devotional Series

Joshua’s Commission

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February Book Read From Read Also Devotional
24th Numbers Chapter 27 Joshua’s Commission

Devotional Reading: Numbers 27:12-14 AMP

1And the Lord said to Moses, Go up into this mountain of Abarim and behold the land I have given to the Israelites. 13 And when you have seen it, you also shall be gathered to your [departed] people as Aaron your brother was gathered, 14 For you disobeyed My order in the Wilderness of Zin during the strife of the congregation to uphold My sanctity [by strict obedience to My authority] at the waters before their eyes. [These are the waters of Meribah in Kadesh in the Wilderness of Zin].

When the Israelites thirsted in the wilderness at one point they mumbled and complained that they were better off under the taskmasters of Pharaoh, where at least they had water and food to eat and drink. God was angry with the people’s negative attitude. However, He commanded Moses to speak to the rock and bring forth water out of it. Unfortunately, Moses allowed his temper to flare at the people saying in so many words, “You are so ungrateful, and now there has to brought for you water out of a rock.” Rather than speaking to the rock, Moses smote the rock twice with his staff. Apparently, this symbolized that Christ would be twice smitten for the sins of the world, in order that they might have the water of life through the Holy Spirit (but this is not true, because Christ’s one sacrifice of His life was atonement for the world and no other lamb is required).

Devotional Reading: Numbers 27:16-23 AMP

15 And Moses said to the Lord, 16 Let the Lord, the God of the spirits of all flesh, set a man over the congregation 17 Who shall go out and come in before them, leading them out and bringing them in, that the congregation of the Lord may not be as sheep which have no shepherd. 18 The Lord said to Moses, Take Joshua son of Nun, a man in whom is the Spirit, and lay your hand upon him; 19 And set him before Eleazar the priest and all the congregation and give him a charge in their sight. 20 And put some of your honor and authority upon him, that all the congregation of the Israelites may obey him. 21 He shall stand before Eleazar the priest, who shall inquire for him before the Lord by the judgment of the Urim [one of two articles in the priest’s breastplate worn when asking counsel of the Lord for the people]. At Joshua’s word the people shall go out and come in, both he and all the Israelite congregation with him. 22 And Moses did as the Lord commanded him. He took Joshua and set him before Eleazar the priest and all the congregation, 23 And he laid his hands upon him and commissioned him, as the Lord commanded through Moses.

After God showed Moses the promised land, He let Moses know that he would not be ale to go there because of the tantrum concerning the water and the rock. Aaron his brother had already passed away and been buried with his fathers. Aaron’s son Eleazar succeeded him as priest. However, Moses spoke with God directly, and was esteemed above Aaron. Moses asked who would lead the people with neither Aaron nor himself among them. God chose Joshua, the son of Nun to succeed Moses. Joshua had served as minister to Moses for several years. He was a man full of the Spirit of God. Moses was told to put his hand on Joshua and commission him to lead the people in the presence of God. Moses had to give honor and authority to Joshua in the sight of Eleazar the Priest and all of the congregation of the people. The people needed to understand that they would have to honor and respect and obey Joshua as they did Moses.

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