Maximize your bible study

While many Christian denominations include in their doctrine or statement of faith, an affirmation that the Bible is inspired by God, without error and necessary in developing a life-standard in accordance with God’s commandments, many Christians have not read enough of the Bible to use it effectively in their daily experience. Part of the problem is a misconception of what the Bible is and the purpose of Bible study.

Make a plan to read the entire Bible.

Some say only the New Testament is relevant. Others believe in Old Testament exhortations (like tithing) but do not accept the statute of liberty established by Christ. Read the entire Bible if you have not already done so (and if you have, read it again). Your goal of reading the Bible in its entirety is not to “finish the book” like a novel. When you understand the purpose of studying, you may recognize the importance of getting the whole truth.

The purpose of Bible study is to:

  • Add context to “snippets” – good sayings derived from Biblical principles, and you need to know where to find them)Guard you from false interpretations (Matthew 7:15) – intentionally bad intel or direct quotes taken out of context to “prove” false concepts;
  • Improve your skill in weilding the Word for harvest (Matthew 9:37-38) – If you’ve ever thought witnessing was difficult… keep studying. Labourers in the harvest are often the result of much communication with God. If you are not hearing Him speak to you about ministry, read more.
  • Edify the body of Christ (Romans 14:19) – think about how your knowledge of the Word may help others who need a better understanding.
  • Prove your “salt” (Matthew 5:13) in God’s service as a workman without need to be ashamed. What good is all the “smarts” if you can not pass the test? If God asked you today, why you believe what you believe, what would you say? Would you even have an answer?”
  • Prepare you for “sonship” (John 1:12). Spiritual Sonship is a special relationship with God – it is not about being a male child. Sonship is the ability to manifest the promises of God. If you are going to manifest the promises, shouldn’t you know what they are?