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Devotional: Enough is Enough

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7th Ezekiel Chapter 22 Chapter 24 Enough is Enough

Memory Verse: “I saw that she had defiled herself; threy both behaved the same way.” (Ezekiel 23:13 (AMP)).

God is the most patient and forgiving. However, his wrath is like no other. In today’s reading, the word of the LORD came to Exekiel portraying Israel and Judah as two idolatrous, adultress, prostitutes. God became so angry with their whoredomes that he promised to smite them with grecious punishments.

He promised to let the people fall into the hands of their former lovers, who would now hold them accountable for all of the sins of the lusts of their eyes and deeds in the flesh.

Therefore I placed her in the hand of her lovers (alies), into the hand of the Assyrians whom she adored. Ezekiel 23:9 AMP

God describes the younger sister Oholibah (Jerusalem o the capital city of Judah) as being worse in her whoredoms than her older sister Oholah (Samaria – the capital city of Israel). God became disgusted with them both and turned away from them.

Yet she multiplied her depravities, remembering the days of her youth, when she was actively immoral in the land of Egypt (Ezekiel 23:19). AMP)

The judgment of these two sisters is meant to serve as a warning to all women, not to consume themselves with the lusts of the flesh. By this punishment God says that He will put an end to the sister’s lewdness and make them stop longing to return to Egypt from whence they learned their wicked ways.




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