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Christian Counseling Courses

Course Catalog | Diplomas, Degrees, & Certificates

The R.M.C.U. Christian Counseling program prepares willing workers for the challenges and   victories of peer-led (diploma) and authoritative Christian Counseling. This training program is designed to educate and develop quality Christian Counselors. The HealHer Program Curriculum is also part of the Christian Counseling program.

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Certificates Curriculum

Diversity in Human Services – ?? credits

Course ID Course Title Credits
CC 101 3
CC 102 3

Group Dynamics – ?? credits

Course ID Course Title Credits
CC 201 3
CC 202 3

PTSD Coaching – ?? credits

Course ID Course Title Credits
CC 301 3
CC 302 3

Christian Counseling Electives

These are optional, elective courses on exceptional topics. These courses may be combined with other Biblical Foundations courses, or taken a la carte, for personal study.

Course ID Course Title Credits
CC 401 3
CC 401 3

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Course Catalog