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HealHer Program Courses

Course Catalog | Certificates

The HealHer Program is a faith-based psychosocial rehabilitation program tailored to the unique needs of women who are survivors of abuse. HealHer program courses are an extension of the Christian Counseling curriculum.

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HealHer Coach Curriculum

HealHer Coach CORE – 30 credits

The HealHer Coach CORE curriculum teaches like-minded persons to lead and train HealHer participants in developing life skills, faith, and trust to empower their efforts toward independent living and personal success.

Course Course Title Credits
HHC 101 The HealHer Program 3
HHC 102 Understanding Trauma 3
HHC 103 Intro to Counseling Theories 3
HHC 104 Christian Life Skills Coaching 3
HHC 105 Social Rehabilitation Theories & Coaching 3
HHC 106 Mediating Communication & Services 3
HHC 107 Personal & Client Protection 3
HHC 108 Coaching & Mentoring the Trauma Survivor 3
HHC 109 Developing Faith and Trust 3
HHC 110 Leading by Example 3

HealHer  Coach Certification – 200 hours

Coming soon.

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