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Free Courses

Course Catalog

R.M.C.U. offers the following free courses for Christian outreach and development. All courses are identified in this catalog CourseID. Each free course has a CourseID  beginning with the letter “F.” Free Harvestime International courses are listed with an “FH” prefix.

All Free Courses

A – C

CourseID Course Title Credits
FH101 Battle for the Body 3
FH102 Biblical Management Principles 3
FH103 Biblical Worldview 3
FH104 Creative Bible Study 3

D – F

CourseID Course Title Credits
FH105 Environmental Analysis 3
FH106 Foundations of Faith 3

G – I

CourseID Course Title Credits
FH107 Holy Spirit 3
FH108 Intercessory Prayer 3

J – L

CourseID Course Title Credits
FH109 Jail and Prison Ministry 3
FH110 Kingdom Living 3
FH111 Knowing God’s Voice 3
FH112 Leaven Like Evangelism 3

M – O

CourseID Course Title Credits
FH113 Manage by Objectives 3
FH114 Mobilization 3
FH115 Multiplication 3
FH116 New Testament Survey 3
FH117 Old Testament Survey 3

P – R

CourseID Course Title Credits
FH118 Power Principles 3

S – U

CourseID Course Title Credits
FH119 Spiritual Strategies 3
FH120 Strategies for Harvest 3
FH121 Teaching Tactics 3

V – Z

CourseID Course Title Credits
FH122 Women: A Biblical Profile 3

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