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R.M.C.U. Dean’s Lecture Series

Revival Mission Christian University (R.M.C.U.) presents the exclusive Dean’s Lecture Series for your enjoyment and edification. These lectures are penned by the RMCU Dean and are available free of charge. Browse the growing catalog shown below and receive a blessing from the anointed words.

Featured Lecture

Lecture Title and Description
Tree by Matt GruberA Few Good Women

God can use the willing worker in His vineyard. He instructed various women in fulfilling His purpose. They are worthy of honor with their brethren.

Dean’s Lecture Series Catalog

A Few Good Women

Woman Reference(s) Tools
Anna: A Virtuous Woman Luke 2:36-38 Audio
Damaris: A Strong Woman Acts 17:34 Audio
Dorcas: A Willing Worker Acts 9:36;9:39 Audio
Lydia: A Businesswoman with a Heart of Hospitality Acts 16:14-16 Audio
Mary The Mother of JesusA Faithful Servant Matthew 1:16,18,20;   2:11; 13:55;Mark 6:3;Luke 1:27-56; 2:5,16,19,34;Acts 1:14 Audio
Phoebe: A Deaconess Romans 16:1 Audio
Priscilla: A Good Teacher Acts 18:2,18,26;Romans 16:3;I Corinthians   16:19;II Timothy 4:19 Audio
Rhoda: A Childlike Faith Acts 12:12-17 Audio

Maximizing Ministry

Title Reference(s) Tools
Maximize Your Bible Study Audio
Amplifying The Word Audio
Prayer Matters Audio
Money Matters Audio
Twelve C’s of Communication for Ministry Leaders Audio
Maximizing Marriage Audio
Twelve Body Builders for Christian Ministries Audio
Twelve Tools to Help Heal Heart Conditions Audio
Overcoming Negative Addictions Audio
The Ten Commandments Slide Show
The First Commandment Slide Show
The Second Commandment Slide Show
The Third Commandment Slide Show
The Fourth Commandment Slide Show
The Fifth Commandment Slide Show
The Sixth Commandment Slide Show
The Seventh Commandment Slide Show
The Eighth Commandment Slide Show
The Ninth Commandment Slide Show
The Tenth Commandment Slide Show

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